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10 Galvanizing Questions One Should Ask on Social Media

Market a product or service on social media

Attempting to market a product or service on social media can be quite the undertaking.  Achieving the desired click rate and getting traffic to a website can be a daunting task even for the most advanced users. Indeed it is a challenge getting attention across social media in a realm where everyone is speaking but no one else seems to be listening.  To make matters even worse, one must view the success of others while while our posts merely drown in the social ocean and one’s contact list never achieves notice.

Fortunately, It is possible to galvanize your social media prescience with a few basic marketing concepts. Should one employ a few of the techniques in this article, their click-through rate should increase substantially.

The importance of images

Before I outline the ten most question types that get shared the most, I want to emphasize the importance of using accompanying images. On twitter, for instance, tweets with graphics receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more re-tweets. Posts with photos reap the highest benefits—accounting for an amazing 87% of total interactions. Adding a photo URL to your tweet can boost re-tweets by 35%.

A pretty picture, however, will not obtain a substantial increase in clicks. Pairing an image with a clever corresponding question can make a huge difference in total interactions.

Importance of questions in social media

Asking questions can speed up fan and follower growth, interaction, and engagement. questions will extend the reach and catch the eyes of those who would have normally bypassed a post with virtually identical content.

I would like to outline the most common types of questions that go viral and How to present them.

The big Social Media questions

1. True of False

Testing your audiences’ knowledge about facets related to your niche is one of the simplest yet most powerful way to engender a response. One simply makes a statement, and then asks if it’s true or false. If you’re lucky, your community will give rise to a discussion and the initial question will take on many different dimensions, proving to be most enlightening.

True or False: Dogs are the greatest friends human beings can have.  (Try adding a nice dog picture with the question placed on the graphic. )

Be sure to choose a topic that would be of interest to a range of people.

2. Fill in the Blank

This is a very solid category of questions that continues to prove its strength across social media and blogs as wellIt offers information on your business. One may also gain insight into the minds of their customers/clients from the feedback users will offer.

Question: One food I can never eat is _________.

3. Motivational / Inspirational

Motivational and/or inspirational questions have two benefits. First, it gives one the opportunity to engage with their users on a personal level as opposed to appearing as a dry and greedy entrepreneur.

Second, it gives your audience a better insight into your thought process, values and integrity and it is more likely to engender feelings of trust.

4. Experience /Relational

This type of question is a good way to illustrate to an audience that you value their opinion or are willing to give a solution to their problem.

For instance:
“What do you LOVE most about our product/service?”

Insert the question into a graphic with thoughts about why you’re asking.

For example:
“I’ve just updated my website! Did you see it yet? Tell me what you like/dislike most about it!”

This type of question lends itself well to video and can often be seen on YouTube by artists and musicians. Present a question a community wants answered and provide the solution in a video.

5. Survey

An effective survey is a simple way, not only to conduct market research, but to improve your products and services. People are wired to enjoy it when someone respects their opinion and people on social media are happy to give those answers.

This illustrates to an audience that feedback is valued. For instance, when designing a new look for a website.

Inform your audience as to what you are doing:
“We’re about to launch our new interface!”

Add various screenshots of possible designs:
“What should our new layout look like?”

6. Provide an Update or Tip

Share secrets or trivia pertaining to your industry. There is a whole host of ways one can vary this question.  Furnish advice in regards to your products/service or trivia about your industry.

Here’s an example:
“Did you know that our washing machine not only cleans your clothes, but cleans them in half the time of competing machines?”

7. Fun and Frivolous

Ridiculous and fun, yet intriguing questions are a great way to entertain your audience while getting lots of clicks. Imagine, for example, a large insurance company using an Australian lizard or cavemen to sell their service. Geico has made a living using the fun and frivolous approach and they have become an industry giant by merely entertaining their audience.

8. Timely

Time sensitive questions give your contacts new information and a chance to react while driving engagement.  Of course, they are based on current news or trends that are taking place at the very moment. I like these type of questions especially on twitter where things inherently move quickly.

Pertaining to your company, it can be an anniversary inviting followers to celebrate with you.

9. Ask for Advice

Conversation starters such as asking for advice is a great opportunity for engagement. They offer not only interaction between your product and the audience but within the audience itself.

Consider your niche and create a unique question that permits your followers to provide an opinion. Turn it into a graphic with the question overlaid.

Example: What do you do to get the most out of your tablet’s battery life?

10. Edgy or Thought Provoking

Thought provoking questions give you a chance to learn what people have on their minds about a topic pertaining to your industry. They sometimes strike a nerve in a person, Religion and politics being an extreme example, but the right question with just the right amount of gusto can encourage a powerful and interactive discussion.

If you are a teacher or in the cell phone industry, you may ask:

Should cell phones be prohibited in learning environments?

Buzzfeed is an entire website that is based on this concept.

Final Thoughts

Success on social media, as simple as it sounds, is to merely interact with or engage your followers.  Unfortunately, giving rise to that engagement is what many business people have extreme difficulty with.

I found and continue to find that questions are paramount to galvanize an otherwise lame profile. If you have a fair number of followers, asking the right questions will bring them to life.

Remember, not all questions will work. You have to ask the right questions. It is the difference between a matchbook and a wet matchbook. Only one will start a flame.

Please feel free to give your feedback, comments, questions or criticisms below. I DO answer every reply.



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