What would you do if you found US$500 in a parking lot?

Tom Duda This is where having a poor posture comes in handy for me. I am usually looking at the ground so, I guess I find money more then the average person. I have found dollar bills, tens, twenty’s along with the rare hundred. My best was when I found $300. First thing I do […]

Why do people still believe that the world is flat, when there is scientific evidence to prove them wrong?

Tom Duda I once asked a person this question that turned out to be anorexic and they said “Oh I thought you said the world was fat” Seriously, there are a lot of people on this planet and if one puts forth a theory that reaches a large enough audience there will be a certain […]

Would you kill your pet for $1,000,000 U.S? All cash not taxable.

Tom Duda Actually, I would ask this hypothetical person to show me the hypothetical money first. Then I would kill him/her. Take the money and have a big house built for my pets and wife. A person that would offer such a thing is clearly not worthy of living and I would rather kill a […]