Bogus Jahad

Reverse Scam: Jacqueline and Poindexter’s bogus Jihad

Mr. Ali Akbar,

It is so exciting to hear that you have accepted to use my crappers for your Jihad. I almost crapped myself (Good thing I had a Whippersnapper Crapper handy, or else there would be a big mess on the floor) My father told me that you already have a whole army that needs to take a crap so I guess the Muhammad Allah (Peace and blessings be upon him) is really blessing this bogus Jihad.

Internet Scams

Internet Scams and How to Deal With Them

Everyone is a scammer to one extent or another. Walmart, when viewed by that perspective, is a scam. Crappy products at a not so low price for the quality. CEO’s and stock brokers are scammers when put under scrutiny. Scammers on the internet have the same genes. Trust me when I say “never trust anyone you don’t know.” On the internet those words will go a long way.