Who wants to hack a bank and be a millionaire

Meet Stephen Omaidu, graduate of an obscure university in the obscure town of Lokoja Nigeria was arraigned in a Abuja high court. His charge was “withdrawing” over three-hundred million dollars of a non-disclosed bank.

Facebook and web developer Thomas Duda of Kern County, CA

Top 10 Ways Facebook Can Effect Your Life Negatively

As a webmaster, unfortunately, being on social networking sites is an absolute must. I have to be on Facebook and read and post ridiculous content and hope my “friends”, leave behind their self-centered motivations for a moment, and actually pay attention to my request of focus on my self-centered aspirations.  It is a pretty puerile platform […]

10 of the worst websites I could find

Ugly Websites – top 10 Designer Nightmares

Sorry to put the screen capture thumbnail here. The first time I visited this I could never even had a nightmare this gaudy
This site literally gave me a headache and should have been included the movie “The Ring”
site I sneezed (yes, this site actually made me sneeze)and went away with a headache. I finally developed a tolerance and I can view it for about 5 seconds. It is a children’s website and children do like bright colors while learning about the world. However, to use bright colors is not the same as gaudy beyond belief and this site would have been laughable in the early 90’s.

Introducing Poindexter

Top 10 Online Scams and How to Prevent Becoming a Victim

No established institution on the planet (although, one may be found in a far-away galaxy) will ever ask you for personal information through email. Never click on a link to a website from these emails and always look at the URL (displaced in most browsers when hovering over the link. Usually on the left-hand bottom corner of your screen,) and one will discover a very strange address.