Thomas Duda's Blue Whale Mascot


It is an interesting fact indeed how  one seemingly insignificant hobby as a child can develop into a progressions into other hobbies and subsequently a profession.

As a child I was completely in love with fishing. I used to look forward to my yearly trips on shark and tuna boats, my yearly excursions to California and Florida, my weekly trips on New Jersey’s party boats and my daily after school visits to the Hudson river and the local lakes.

This is not going to be a fish store about great catches that most fishermen love to brag about, although I do have to keep my fingers from that prideful portion of my mind.

I for one somehow found beauty in fish. Their colors, their shapes, the expression of their eyes. I quickly discovered that I had artistic talent when i ventured onto a spin-off hobby called taxidermy. I arranged the fish in a life like meaner while going through the process of preserving them to be displayed on a mantle. This art exotically required the skill of painting the the faded colors with an airbrush.

I had become quite good at this art at the time and the only reason I abandoned this lucrative skill was due to health reason caused by the numerous chemicals that I was required to use due to preservation