Scam Baiting an Indian SEO spammer – Roped-in by a Cowboy

more songs you would like. Here is a list:
Hillbillies in their underwear
Got me some Moonshine.
Rodeo Radio
Play’en poker for beer
I was too drunk to notice you were fat
He is a child of the drink’en (I ain’t the father)
Lasso me a buffalo
I can’t stand no mo hoot’en
Yodel yodel yonder with Rhonda
It was the beer talk’en
New age martian hillbillies

Poor Fat Aunt Marta

Fat Aunt Marta and Her Partner – Scam Baiting an Indian SEO spammer – part 3

I just returned from the hospital and I spoke to my partner. She said that you insulted her. She is a very difficult lady to upset. She is always very smart, nice and friendly woman. I can’t understand why she is so mad. I will try to calm her down if you can give an explanation what she is so mad about. I know that she is very smart and has a GREAT command of the English language, and I myself have trouble understanding all her theories and big words. So, maybe that is where the misunderstanding comes for