Thomas Duda has fun with a real estate scammer

House Rental Scam: $1100 / 3br – 1797ft2 – house for rent? My Ass

Hi Laura,
I am sorry. I just get so excited talking about accidents and my ass, I sometimes forget the main topic. Now, the house. I would be very happy to talk about it. Are the toilets good? Sometimes when I sit down on a toilet, I can’t remain in place(because one never knows when my ass will act up) so I need a stable toilet. Can the house accommodate my ass?

Money Laundering Job Scam- Equal opportunity

Equal opportunity . (5725287258763) Mohammad Rhodes <> Hello ! Currently, our media company is looking to recruit someone to fill the position of Operations Supervisor on either a full-time or part-time basis. Field: Media Company; Job Status: Full-Time/Part-Time Paycheck: $73K/year. Location: Across the USA; You will be tasked with procuring office supplies and stationary for […]