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Top 10 questions new web designers ask

 you are new to web design you are faced with lots of technologies and techniques. It can be a very deep field and sometimes answers are difficult to find. Nobody knows everything but I always try to help when I can.  Any art form can be confusing in the beginning On occasion I receive a request for advice, Therefore here […]

Color Theory: Color meanings and perceptions Part 2

Color Theory: The way color is interpreted throughout the world Color Meanings Colors can make us feel. Love, sadness, envy and anger that may come to mind when you think of a red heart, a sad face painted blue, the purple tie on a nemesis that received your deserved promotion at work or the color of a […]

Thomas Duda of Bakersfield, CA is a better designer than Donald Trump

Color Theory: Pure, Tint, Shade and Tone – Part 1

Science is often a term that designers use when deliberating over a color scheme for a project. Yet, this is art, so I prefer to use the word “subjective” so’s to avoid sounding like I’m explaining black hole instead of a web page or a poster. Varying designs demand for varying colors, styles and layouts. Nevertheless , in quality designs  a few common elements exist: […]