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What are some of the best news/content websites from a design and development point of view (features, integrations, innovation)?

Tom Duda   This would only be a matter of opinion but I would have to go with BBC news. It is really the only news organisation that gives true unbiased reports. Even the NY times has become more of a tabloid. On a side note. A lot of people like the Huffington post. I […]

Stairway to heaven was a song by led zeppelin

What step should I follow to become a web designer?

 Tom Duda A lot of people use designer/developer interchangeably but I would assume that you are concerned layout and user interface design. Don’t overwhelm yourself in the beginning and start with the essentials. 1.) learn a graphic editing program (Photoshop is a good place to start) It is very expensive but avoid getting the latest […]

Quora Question: What are some front-end technologies for visual UI with a minimal learning curve?

 Answer by: Tom Duda jQuery is a JavaScript library that is the most widely used by front-end web developers. It can in fact be used quite effectively without knowing any JavaScript at all.  In many cases great visual effects can be achieved with just a few lines of code. ReactJS is quickly becoming a favorite of […]