Do atheists study every religion before believing there is no God?

I know it may be somewhat presumptuous to say, and I don’t really mean it to be hurtful, or perhaps listening and reading books by Christopher Hitchens and procured a bit of crassness along the way, but when a religious person comes up to me and starts preaching, I immediately discount their intellect. Not to feel myself superior. But I know that if they took the time to really study what they believe in, they would, at best, find religious texts extremely difficult to believe.

What do you think about this Loops one (American dating and socializing app) logo?

 Tom Duda Well, it looks lively enough for a dating site. I think it may be a bit too loud. It also can be mistaken for a logo for a gay dating site as the rainbow colors may, I believe ,signify that. Also, drop shadows are something that are not used in logos. You have […]

What are the differences between px,em and % in CSS? Which one should use?

Good question, “px” is for the denotation of pixels and is not as widely used today as it was before responsive layouts. If has a container for instance: you would get exactly what you asked for.  A pink box would appear on your device (Such as a large screen TV, a computer, a tablet or a […] generates random Pokemon Go accounts. I assume that this info is derived from a database. Is there any way to hack/crack this database?

Tom Duda First go out and get a computer science degree. You may learn how but you may also learn that you should not poking around someone else’s database. If it is a database at all, you would have to find out which one it is (SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc). Then you would need to […]

An HTML search bar shows suggested words as I type. How do I do that

HTML is not a language where you can have search functionality. The box itself is written in HTML but that’s as far as it goes. The code behind the search is queuing a database and finding the data. There are many different search algorithms which is beyond my scope but to see suggestions as you […]