Donald Trump in his underware doing Othello

Megan Hoffman Scam Email – Audition for New CBS Spinoff ‘CSI: CYBER’

We wanted to get in touch with you to tell you that the new CBS drama series “CSI: Cyber” is now in the midst of casting its first season!

This show from the producer of “Hostages” co-stars James Van Der Beek.

“CSI: Cyber” currently has ten co-starring roles to fill for Season Two.

If you’d like to know more about this casting call, just reply to this email with the words “CSI CYBER” in your subject line.

Advance Fee Scam

Driving Mr. Roland

I don’t know if you were born retarded or were dropped on your head by your mother. Maybe they keep your dumb ass around the bank for novelty purposes and, believe me, everybody DOES laugh at your sorry ass when you are not listening. Yet, the fact remains. I sent you the document two times. You may be familiar with the number two. It is written like this “2” and it is the number that comes after one(1) and before three(3). I’m surprised that you didn’t hear that from the Nigerian Big Bird yet. Anyway, just for educational purposes I will send you the document again. That is number 3. I hope this helps you with your illiteratecy condition and I am waiting for the transfer.

Thomas Duda has fun with a real estate scammer

House Rental Scam: $1100 / 3br – 1797ft2 – house for rent? My Ass

Hi Laura,
I am sorry. I just get so excited talking about accidents and my ass, I sometimes forget the main topic. Now, the house. I would be very happy to talk about it. Are the toilets good? Sometimes when I sit down on a toilet, I can’t remain in place(because one never knows when my ass will act up) so I need a stable toilet. Can the house accommodate my ass?