Is banking with BoA app on PC Windows 10 safer than doing it via the BoA web site?

┬áIt is hard to say if it is safer. It really depends on how secure your network connection is . They are both using the same database and, I would guess, the same encryption and security certificates. Of course, it is important to know if the app is really written by BoA or a 3rd […]

Who wants to hack a bank and be a millionaire

Meet Stephen Omaidu, graduate of an obscure university in the obscure town of Lokoja Nigeria was arraigned in a Abuja high court. His charge was “withdrawing” over three-hundred million dollars of a non-disclosed bank.

Introducing Poindexter

Top 10 Online Scams and How to Prevent Becoming a Victim

No established institution on the planet (although, one may be found in a far-away galaxy) will ever ask you for personal information through email. Never click on a link to a website from these emails and always look at the URL (displaced in most browsers when hovering over the link. Usually on the left-hand bottom corner of your screen,) and one will discover a very strange address.

Internet Scams

Internet Scams and How to Deal With Them

Everyone is a scammer to one extent or another. Walmart, when viewed by that perspective, is a scam. Crappy products at a not so low price for the quality. CEO’s and stock brokers are scammers when put under scrutiny. Scammers on the internet have the same genes. Trust me when I say “never trust anyone you don’t know.” On the internet those words will go a long way.