Top 10 Logos That Have Hidden Meanings That Will Surprise Even You

1980’s proclaiming the evils of rock music and the backwards messages designed to turn unwhitting teanagers into “soldures of Lucifer”. Yet, with the critical acclaim and popularity of the Fedex logo, I can imagine that even Ozzy Osbourne may be impressed. Especially, if he has to send a bat somewhere overnight.

A landing page is like a helicopter landing pad

landing page Strategies

Moving forward I find it important to note that conversion is not the only reason for a landing page to exist. A landing page is also effective as a catalyst for brand awareness. Having it coincide with one’s original design it can also be a large part of viral marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, its overall effectiveness barometer should be if the users that went to it did what they were called to do.

Do atheists study every religion before believing there is no God?

I know it may be somewhat presumptuous to say, and I don’t really mean it to be hurtful, or perhaps listening and reading books by Christopher Hitchens and procured a bit of crassness along the way, but when a religious person comes up to me and starts preaching, I immediately discount their intellect. Not to feel myself superior. But I know that if they took the time to really study what they believe in, they would, at best, find religious texts extremely difficult to believe.

Who wants to hack a bank and be a millionaire

Meet Stephen Omaidu, graduate of an obscure university in the obscure town of Lokoja Nigeria was arraigned in a Abuja high court. His charge was “withdrawing” over three-hundred million dollars of a non-disclosed bank.

Facebook and web developer Thomas Duda of Kern County, CA

Top 10 Ways Facebook Can Effect Your Life Negatively

As a webmaster, unfortunately, being on social networking sites is an absolute must. I have to be on Facebook and read and post ridiculous content and hope my “friends”, leave behind their self-centered motivations for a moment, and actually pay attention to my request of focus on my self-centered aspirations.  It is a pretty puerile platform […]