What do atheists/agnostics wish Christians would stop doing?

Tom Duda If I may contribute I would have to say that Hippocratic tendencies or the religious institutions would be something to remedy (although I find it highly unlikely). I dabbled with many religions (especially Christianity) for the better part of my younger years. The first thing I had a problem with was the people […]

My English teacher said "social media do not connect us". Is this a grammatically correct sentence?

Tom Duda Well, it is correct grammatically as her use of the plural form of “media” . Now does it sound awkward? Yes. It would sound much better if it was phrased “Social media websites do not connect us” “websites” is a more coherent subject of the sentence. After all. It’s not all about grammar. […]

Who wants to hack a bank and be a millionaire

Meet Stephen Omaidu, graduate of an obscure university in the obscure town of Lokoja Nigeria was arraigned in a Abuja high court. His charge was “withdrawing” over three-hundred million dollars of a non-disclosed bank.

Facebook and web developer Thomas Duda of Kern County, CA

Top 10 Ways Facebook Can Effect Your Life Negatively

As a webmaster, unfortunately, being on social networking sites is an absolute must. I have to be on Facebook and read and post ridiculous content and hope my “friends”, leave behind their self-centered motivations for a moment, and actually pay attention to my request of focus on my self-centered aspirations.  It is a pretty puerile platform […]