Since recently, pressing a few keys on my keyboard prompts current window to close and/or the shutdown/restart dialogue window. How do I fix this?

 Tom Duda Try running a system restore at a point before you had this problem. It sounds like a worm or something from PUP you downloaded. Don’t even try to remove the program unless you are very farmilar with the windows registry. They are purposely convoluted to uninstall and you run the risk of it […]

I’m away at college. How can I remotely install Photoshop on my mom’s computer back home for her?

 It is as simple as the others said. Just download team viewer and connect to your mom’s PC. When connected, just tell your mom to go and have a cup of tea. You will not want her moving the mouse or anything like that as you are installing it.  

How Computers Think – The Basics of Decimal and Binary Mathmatics

Millenniums before the invention of the wheel or the first spark ignited the tip of a tree branch, cavemen and woman needed a means to count their possessions. The Neanderthals required a way to inventory their boar skins and elephant tusks. Behold, the answer was right at their fingertips and pointed to a way of expanding their future. The cave-dwellers discovered that one could correlate between the numbers of artifacts they owned and their fingers