Is it too much to hire graphic designer to design logo of the very first personal blog?

 Tom Duda It won’t hurt but a good designer can be very expensive. Logo development is not as easy as it sounds. It is a ping pong between the client and designer and usually the designer will come up with about seven prototypes and then hone the logo from there. In other words, if unlike […]

Question from Quora: What do you think about this logo?

Tom Duda’s Reply I have no idea what the logo is expressing. Is it for bricklayers that are human? Are you a tall human that likes to stand by colorful walls and the subscript represents people that are shorter than you? I don’t do logos anymore. Not because I don’t like doing them. It is a […]

Color Theory: Color meanings and perceptions Part 2

Color Theory: The way color is interpreted throughout the world Color Meanings Colors can make us feel. Love, sadness, envy and anger that may come to mind when you think of a red heart, a sad face painted blue, the purple tie on a nemesis that received your deserved promotion at work or the color of a […]

Thomas Duda of Bakersfield, CA is a better designer than Donald Trump

Color Theory: Pure, Tint, Shade and Tone – Part 1

Science is often a term that designers use when deliberating over a color scheme for a project. Yet, this is art, so I prefer to use the word “subjective” so’s to avoid sounding like I’m explaining black hole instead of a web page or a poster. Varying designs demand for varying colors, styles and layouts. Nevertheless , in quality designs  a few common elements exist: […]

10 of the worst websites I could find

Ugly Websites – top 10 Designer Nightmares

Sorry to put the screen capture thumbnail here. The first time I visited this I could never even had a nightmare this gaudy
This site literally gave me a headache and should have been included the movie “The Ring”
site I sneezed (yes, this site actually made me sneeze)and went away with a headache. I finally developed a tolerance and I can view it for about 5 seconds. It is a children’s website and children do like bright colors while learning about the world. However, to use bright colors is not the same as gaudy beyond belief and this site would have been laughable in the early 90’s.