How can I get a stray dog I feed regularly to come inside my house?

 Thank you for requesting my answer and I think it’s awesome you want to do that for her. I have to say that James gave a great answer. Only thing I can contribute is ask the animal shelter if anyone lost a dog. Also, sometimes people post on craigslist and hang signs. I would say […]

If I put my reading glasses on the dog, will she see better?

First, I would imagine that your dog will do everything in his/her power to get them off. Second, your dog will not look through them and probably would try to look over and above them. Third, glasses are prescribed for humans and it would probably to get a vet that is an eye specialist (maybe […]

Why do I, or any other person have the right to own a dog or any other animal?

This is an excellent question and I assume that you love and respect animals like myself. First of all, I never thought of myself as an “Owner” I see myself as a caretaker and father. I never cage my dogs. I don’t have an invisible fence I because I can’t idea of shocking them. They […]

What type of dog do you have? Why is it the right dog for you?

I have two Basset Hounds two King Charles Cavilers A Standard Poodle A rat terrier With the Bassets, I love to laugh. I am a total goofball and so are they. Our personalities match. They are naughty at times but my patients and their loyalty keeps things in check. Truly awesome dogs for me. In […]