What are some tips and tricks every Front end developer should learn with HTML,CSS, and JavaScript or PHP?

Abhijit Saxena HTML:If you want to store some information about some data of an element and you don’t want to store it in a variable then you can create an attribute inside the tag of that element and store that information there. Like, <input type=’text’ employee_type=’tier1′ id=’employee_name’ val=’Person 1′ /> or Employee’s NamePerson 1 CSS:display:inline […]

What do you think about www.Messagry.com a website to manage all your email accounts in one page?

Tom Duda Well, I am not the most trusting person in the world. I don’t like the fact that the site is up without correcting the glaring mistakes in English. I wonder about the integrity of the site and developers. Do you really want to place all of your information is in one place with […]

What are the differences between px,em and % in CSS? Which one should use?

Good question, “px” is for the denotation of pixels and is not as widely used today as it was before responsive layouts. If has a container for instance: you would get exactly what you asked for.  A pink box would appear on your device (Such as a large screen TV, a computer, a tablet or a […]

An HTML search bar shows suggested words as I type. How do I do that

HTML is not a language where you can have search functionality. The box itself is written in HTML but that’s as far as it goes. The code behind the search is queuing a database and finding the data. There are many different search algorithms which is beyond my scope but to see suggestions as you […]

What are some easy to use web design software programs for beginners?

It sounds to like you want to learn while creating a web site. There are many platforms out there that are known as IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment). Be very careful when selecting an IDE as many people choose word processors such as MS Word. Word Processors use formatted text and your gibberish when you run it […]