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What are the top 5 things that make people trust a website?

 Tom Duda This is my top five: I want to know who is the owner of the website and information about them I want to see a real domain name and not some silly sub domain. Ex: I want to see a clear privacy policy. ie. what will they do with the information I […]

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What are some of the best news/content websites from a design and development point of view (features, integrations, innovation)?

Tom Duda   This would only be a matter of opinion but I would have to go with BBC news. It is really the only news organisation that gives true unbiased reports. Even the NY times has become more of a tabloid. On a side note. A lot of people like the Huffington post. I […]

How much would it cost for a site like ?

 Truthfully, this site was in no way designed by a professional. If you want a site like this the cost would merely be the time you put in, the domain name and the hosting service. This site is a complete mess.  As I write this, I am still waiting for everything to load. It is extremely amateurish in […]