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An interesting fact how one’s seemingly insignificant hobby as a child can develop into a progressions of other hobbies and subsequently a profession.

As a child I was completely in love with fishing. I used to look forward to my yearly trips on shark and tuna boats, my yearly excursions to California and Florida, my weekly trips on New Jersey’s party boats and my daily after school visits to the Hudson river and the local lakes.

This is not going to be a fish story about great catches that most fishermen love to brag about, although I do have to keep my fingers from that prideful portion of my mind

My first experience with art was the beauty I seen in fish. That streamlined shape. The colors and the expression of the eyes. I wanted a way to preserve their look and bring life to my catches. Taxidermy was the perfect solution. It would involve preserving the fish is a lifelike position and make it suitable for the wall or the mantle.

Unfortunately, the colors would fade and I needed a way to restore the zestful spectrum of the colors. A paint brush would not do. I had to find another solution.

Airbrushing was the solution and hence a new source of income was found as I improved I started also painting cars, thirsts and even posters.

Ensconced in those art forms for sever years the digital age came in with fury. I began to use the computer as my canvas. Programs such as 3-D Studio, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator found their ways into my heart. Many of my early websites of the 90’s relied soley on those programs as web design of the day did not have the advanced methods associated interface and styling


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Thomas Duda is a web designer who lives in Bakersfield, CA with his wife and dogs. He is also interested in: Blogging, Writing, Vaping, Fishing, Swimming and Drawing.