HEINRICH REENTS cut and paste reply to Jacqueline Reddenbacher

Thanks very much for your mail, I am very happy to let you know that the funds will be transferred from our corresponding bank in Belgium to London England where the funds are now and also I am equally grateful with the zeal of your understanding and co-operation in this transaction and therefore I want to use this opportunity to assure you once more that this transaction is already a success. Now that we have enormous confidence and trust in
each other, Your details will been sent to our corresponding bank in London England for immediate release of the lottery funds to your account online with a bank in london. I will give you the contact phone number and name of
the bank official that will handle the transaction for us as soon as I conclude with them very soon and they will ask you some questions for confirmation of your information which i will send to them. You are advised to abide to
the instructions that will be issued to you by the bank to enable the lottery fund to be released accordingly and immediately and to avoid jeopardizing the transaction. Any document that they ask you to provide, please be bold enough to tell them that you have the documents as we will provide the necessary documents to you as soon as they want it.A copy of lottery certificate shall be forwarded to our paying Bank as part ofthe requirements needed to ensure that you are able to claim your prize of £14,045,504 GBP,Fourteen million , fourty five thousand pounds five hundred and four pounds only However as is our tradition and for the purpose of
(1) Proper recording and accountability,

2) Further verification of personal Information it is important that you comply with the Statutory MODES of PAYMENT.

As you must know the winning certificate is a very important document
in this transaction, as you must be paid your winning prize by the
Company once it is issued.As you must know the winning certificate is a very important document in this transaction, as you must be paid your winning prize by the Company once it is issued.

Hence you will be required to forward with the following;
1. International passport or drivers license for identification, 2.Claim Processing Form Information filled

Required information:
1. Full Name:
2. Phone and Fax Number:

3. Your Age and Current Occupation:

4 copy of your ID for identification:
5. Country:
Please get back to me with daily update of your information. It is very important for guidance.I also
Attach My International passport copy for your perusals.
Yours Sincerely,
Heinrich Reents


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