Thomas Duda has fun with a real estate scammer

House Rental Scam: $1100 / 3br – 1797ft2 – house for rent? My Ass

Fantastic East-side Home with Fenced Yard

Wonderful newer home with an open floor plan and plenty of space. The split

Live the beautiful life. Or that what's you think
House rental scams are pooing up all over the internet when a scammer asks for a deposit on a property that’s not even theirs

floor plan has the master suite (with its own bathroom and walk-in closet) separate from the other bedrooms. The large family room features a fireplace for those cozy fall and winter nights that are just around the corner. Home offers a large, fenced rear yard. Refrigerator, range and dishwasher are included.

Re: Chico, CA house for rent

I appreciate your response with your interest in renting from me. The house is still available with rent of $1,100, security deposit of $700 and pet deposit of $50. The house is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom with lots of appliance for your use. Its a lovely home & you’ll enjoy living there with your family. I am Laura and my husband name is Douglas, i survived a fatal car accident some couple of months ago resulting to fracture on my legs, am on a wheel chair as of now. My husband currently works in Spain now as a technician, so am now with my parent here in Jesup, Georgia for more care & treatment. He instructed me to find a good tenant to take care of our home since i will be moving there with him later because his contract got extended.

Await your reply

Tell me about your accident

Hi Laura,
I am very happy that you wrote to tell me about the accident. Or was it a house? Anyway, I had a bad accident when I broke all the bones in my ass. Now, I can’t control my ass muscles. They just wobble around and it gets quite embarrassing in public(especially when someone is staring at my ass) Once I had an open ass(or was it a house?) and everybody was giggling and then I noticed that my ass was doing tricks. Someone even tried to feed it an apple.

Anyway, let me know more about your accident.

My mission

what is your mission here with me are you here to rent my house or what ? kindly get back to me.. Thanks!

I’m Sorry

Hi Laura,
I am sorry. I just get so excited talking about accidents and my ass, I sometimes forget the main topic. Now, the house. I would be very happy to talk about it. Are the toilets good? Sometimes when I sit down on a toilet, I can’t remain in place(because one never knows when my ass will act up) so I need a stable toilet. Can the house accommodate my ass?

Anyway, I would also very much to hear about your accident. Maybe we can also compare notes on each other’s asses 🙂

Looking forward to hear about your house and ass

A Good Toilet

My ass is getting excited
This is the picture she sent me

of course the toilet will accommodate your ass. check it out. Thanks

I am excited

Hi Laura,
That is awesome. My ass is wiggling and shaking as I write this. How do I get to see this toilet for real?

The toilet is real

The toilet i sent to you is real.. Like i told you earlier in my email that am currently here for treatment, so i want you to go and check out exterior part of the house, look inside through the window. Disregard any rental sign you see around the house, am no more employing the service of the rental agent because of their act of greed. Am not sure if the sign has been removed yet or not. So kindly get back to me after you have seen the house & if you’re still interested so that i can forward you the Rental application form and also proceed with the renting process

Await your reply

I love a good toilet story

Hi Laura,
That is wonderful. I will go check it out right away. Now, please tell me. Did you use that toilet? How did it feel? Was it a pleasing experience? I would really like to know what the toilet felt like.

I went to the house

Hi Laura,

I wanted to let you know that I stopped by the house today. Like you said I

Toilet Police
The toilet police came to see what I was doing when I was looking in the bathroom window

disregarded the for sale sign. I wanted to see the toilet so I went to the bathroom window. It was behind a shrub and when I looked in, a police car pulled up. Two cops got out of the car and questioned what I was doing there. They asked for my ID and when I reached into my pocked I must have been nervous. One of the officers was looking at my ass with amazement and the other officer took out his nightstick and began twirling it as he started twitching and shaking his ass.

Then the other officer joined in. This lasted for about an hour until our asses got tired. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I really think the Toilet is too small for my ass. I asked the police and they agreed.

Laura is not happy

You make me waste time!! you not serious person and i do not like wasting time with fool person. do you want to rent or not?!?


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