Internet Scams

Internet Scams and How to Deal With Them

Internet scams

I have traveled to many places throughout the globe and my observance of human nature leads me back to one fact-  people are basically the same wherever one goes. There are sometimes cultural aspects, laws and religion that alter behaviors, but the underlying wants and desires are the same. A face to face interaction engenders a need for civility, and often that civility is genuine, but behind a computer monitor, often a person with a sinister degree of human DNA can be capable of things that would never occur to a more polished individual. We all want something from another person, such as; love, respect, companionship or something as small as a smile and a complement.  However, want manifests itself in a very dark way in certain less civilized nations and cultures

Let us not get to negative on man kind just yet. While some people simply seek their need for an embrace or a complement there is the extremely selfish who’s motive to gain more of their green god. Coupled with the lack of personification, such that a communication through a social network or email, can lead to a very ugly situation. Evidenced by my own experience as a job seeker. I use Craig’s List, career builder and other sites that claim to help with the process of finding employment, initially I was filled with disquietude as the number of disingenuous correspondence I received.   Even through the mail or on the phone scams have become prevent and tho only way to survive in twenty-fifteen is to become hardened.  Simply put. Always assume that everything is a scam. From a dentist’s appointment to a car sale to internet offers.  Only then one can begin the research.  I usually, in a search engine,  couple the name of the company with the word “scam” and see if anyone else deemed the questionable email or offer with fraud. Then the first search leads me of an odyssey of information.  Some further techniques I personally use are as follows.


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