I’m starting an English language teaching center in Egypt, what are the tips and pieces of advice you have for me?

Thank you for the question. I have been to Egypt many times and I always enjoyed it. I can’t say I’ve ever taught there though.

The majority of my time was spent teaching in Turkey so I’ll share what I know.

The first thing you want to know is who will be your students. Will they primarily be businessmen who only want to speak? Will they be children or will they be university students?

For business men and most people who walk through your door speaking will be very important to them. Speaking is fun but it can be frustrating. Accents are always a discouragement, so you will probably want to recruit native speakers for that task.

Do you want to teach British or American English? British is defiantly the standard but some people love our American accents.

I don’t know what kind of university preparation exams are there in Egypt? I know that TOFEL is probably very important. You will need a very good teacher for this. I had trouble teaching it myself.

I would say as far as textbooks go, Cambridge is by far the best. If you have the capital I would say that you should have white boards in the classrooms as they have an excellent system and white boards are excellent.

Getting students. It is all useless unless you have students and I’ll tell you the best way to do it. In Turkey every school had recruiters in every university. In addition to advertising, working the universities are a must. If you have connections, start talking to them to see if they can get that done

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