Introducing Poindexter

Whippersnapper, Poindexter of whippersnapper’s crappers

I would like to introduce everyone to a my newest character, Mr. Poindexter Whippersnapper. He is a nice old man living somewhere in England.

In this trade off poindexter receives some very useful photos which he will happily share with his friend Mr. Reddenbacher, who is simultaneously corresponding with Edwin.

From: Mr. Edwin Roland to Mr. Whippersnapper

Dear: Beneficiary,

After an official meeting held with the president of Nigeria president good luck Jonathan and minister of finance miss Ngozi Okonjo Iweala concerning unpaid and unclaimed funds to foreign beneficiaries, i was very much annoyed when i found out from your file that you paid so much money yet you have not still receive your compensation funds. For that reason i have decided to help personal get you?re fund.

My name is ambassador James F. Entwistle the present U S ambassador to Nigeria i shall be coming to Washington dc by next week for an official meeting and i will be bringing a bank draft of $5million (five million united state dollars only) which the ministry of finance has sign on your name. I shall be coming along with the check through the United States diplomatic mission to Washington. This time i will not go through customs because as a U.S ambassador to Nigeria, i am a USA government agent and i have the veto power to go through any U.S customs. I have help three beneficiaries from United States of America this year to get there fund without any problem and you are the fourth person i am helping now. The three individual who has already receive the fund through my assistance are bellow

Mrs. Anthonio smith———- Maryland USA

Mr. Roy rry————-Florida us

amiss. Marlyna jones ——–Atlantic Georgia

the above mentioned are the three persons who has received there fund by my assistance in January and i can?t see why yours will not be possible. Base on that you are to send me your bellow information for the delivery of your fund by next week as soon as i come for the meeting. Your details required are bellow.

1. Your full name

2. Cell phone number

3. Address where you want me to bring the package).

I know quite well from your file that you have really paid so much on this delivery that makes me wonder. You are a very lucky person because i shall be bringing it myself and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Your package ($5m) must be registered as an ambassadorial package for me to defeat all odds. The cost of registering is just $120 as paid by orders who just receive there fund presently. The fee must be paid in the next 72 hours via western union or money gram so that all necessary arrangement can be made before time will be against us. You are to contact my secretary Mr.Anthony Eze for the registration of the check: contact Name: Mr.Anthony Eze Contact +2348122422012

Please contact my secretary with his information stated and send him the $120 for the registration of the check before next week which i will be coming to U S A. i shall send you my flight schedule as soon as the registration is done for you to know when exactly i will be in Washington. You can go through my website and read biography: ( )

Note: as soon as i arrive to Washington i will call you so that immediately i finished with my meeting i will be coming to your address to hand over the check to you and also to let you know that i will be going to your bank with you to deposit the check with all the approved document backing up the check and i will make sure the check clear in 3days before i live.

Yours sincerely

ambassador James f. Entwistle

U.s ambassador to Nigeria

From: Poindexter Whippersnapper, To: James Entwistle

Mr. Entwhistle, Please forgive me for the late reply to your most gracious email. I am new to using the ultranet and I found your message under something called span. I am glad I checked otherwise I would have never known that you contacted me. I am a retarded fisherman from the British Navy of 30 years and I barely know what to do with my time. this ultranet has been very good therapy for me. I know you must be very busy as an Ambassador but please do write me for christ’s sake and tell me more about what to do to get my money.


Poindexter Whippersnapper of Whippersnapper’s Crappers

From: Antony Eze. To: Poindexter Whipersnapper

Dear Poindexter Whippersnapper,

Thank you for your mail? . I thanks God for his goodness and mercy in our

Roland Edwin fake passport for Whippersnapper
Fake Passport by scam artist Roland Edwin send to Whippersnapper

life’s ,our Lord is good .I was glad receiving your mail and I want you to understand that I will be more then glad to share this money with you if only you will give me your co-operation and handle what is left on your side accordingly. I know that you will be a little bit skeptical about this matter but i am assuring you that this transaction is might not be related directly but bearing the same last name,makes legally qualified to this claims and i have documents to back up the transaction . Note,this transaction is Legal based on my co-operate position and 100% risk-free, one in the sense that i am the personal attorney to your deceased relative and I have all the legal documents that will portrays you as the original next of kin to the deceased and you should not entertain any atom of fear. I am very much aware about law regulations especially about

Scam artist Edwin Roland for Mr. Whippersnapper and his wife
Edwin Roland and his wife for mr. Whippersnapper

inheritance issue . It will take just a few days to finalize this transaction upon submission of claim application to the bank as next of kin to my late client. If only you will put your willing in this transaction i will send to you the necessary documents copies in my possession by attachment as soon as the bank demands for them . We have to know each other very well so as to work like one family to achieve our goal with mutual benefit . Based on this,i want to give me the following information. Your first name Your middle name Your Surname Your address and occupation your age and marital status Your telephone number Meanwhile i will like to ask you the below questions. 1. That you will not cheat me when the fund hits your bank account because I will provide all the information that will make the bank authenticate his claim as the next of kin to deceased and have the fund released to you without delay . 2.That you will always consult me before taking any decision in relation to the transaction so that you don’t make any mistake that will jeopardize the successful conclusion of this transaction . Now I think every thing is very clear I will process and procure all the needed documents on your name to ensure to prove the claim infarct , I am going to send to you a draft text of claim application you will fill and send to the bank for acknowledgement as the original next of kin to my late client, Thanks and God bless you and your lovely family , Hope to hear

The Roland family for Mr. Whippersnapper
A nice family picture.

from you, Edwin Roland(Esq). Poindexter whippersnapper <> Jan 9 (8 days ago) to Edwin Hi Edwin, Well its about time that you wrote me. I am not used to this kind of Gabass and I was just about to give up. Sitting on my old ass all day on this waiting this ultranet computer has given me hemorrhoids. Are you a proctologist or a lawyer for Christ’s sake? You do know I’m in England don’t you. What the hell am I going to do with American Dollars you loony? Can not this be sent to me in English Pounds? Ok, you can send me your personal information if you really want to and I can send you mine.

From: Edwin Roland. To: Poindexter

to me Here is my identifiction and i am a lawyer

From: Poindexter Whippersnapper, To: Edwin

Dear Mr. Roland,

You have a nice looking family and your two wives are obese I can see that you

The clueless Poindexter Whippersnapper
Poindexter Whippersnapper
Old woman scam baiting on the phone whippersnapper
Telling my funny scam baiting stories

 provide well for them. Here is a very recent picture of me and also one of my wife

From: Edwin Roland, To: Poindexter Whippersnapper

Dear Poindexter Whippersnapper,

Open the attachment to fill out the claim application and send it to the bank for approval through the bank email address specified in the application and get back to me.

Edwin Roland ESQ,

Poor Mr. Whippersnapper does not know how to open a file. He only sees the icon and thinks it is the file.

From: Poindexter. To: Edwin

Rollhand, I don’t understand you and this ultranet thing. There is a little tiny picture on the bottom of my screen that says W Application.docx. How am I supposed to read this small without my glasses. What do I do with it. It must be some kind of computer problem. Can you send me a bigger picture of it?

Mr. Poindexter Whippersnapper ESP

From: The Bank –Quartier Assivito To: Poindexter Whippersnapper

Banque Atlantique Place du Petit Marché

Rue Koumore. 01 B.P 3256 Lome, Togo Tel:(00228)2208892/91905436 Fax:(00228)2208893

Attn:Director of Operations ( Mr. Kaka Frakoe)

Sir, Ref : Application for the transfer/Release of safe deposit USD $10.5 million dollars registration account number # 11-011-77/BAT belongs to my distant relation Mr.J.whippersnapper .

l,Poindexter whippersnapper wish to apply for the transfer of the deposit, with

Scammer's words are pure bullshit
We know what this is. I just hope it is a Whippersnapper Crapper the bull is on

the registration number # 11-011-77/BAT belonging to my Late cousin Mr. J.whippersnapper , Who Died On the 30th of April,2000,with his wife and their only daughter were involved in a car accident along Nouvissi express Road .

I hereby declare that I am the relative cousin and the next of kin to my Late cousin ,and wish that his properties that he left behind in your Bank be transferred to me as the next of kin and beneficiary as soon as my application is approved, I will provide you with all the necessary information s to prove my legality .

My first name is : ..Poindexter Whippersnapper……..

My middle name is :………

My last name is : Whippersnapper… …………..

Sex :..Male………………..

Home/Office address is:……..

My Bank name is :…………..

Account number is:………..

Company Name :………..

Telephone No :…………


I will be happy if this application is approved and the safe deposited cash of USD $10.5 million dollars be released to me in my Bank account in my county and please accept this late application as it was due to the family’s logistic problems consequent upon their funeral rights and I hope you will expedite action and in no account must the fund be release by any one except by me. Thanks for your co-operation.

Endorse my Name here: ……………………..

From: Poindexter Whippersnapper, To: Edwin

Thank you Mr. Ronald, Here is the information that you want. Can I send you some more family pictures too. Please send me some more of yourself. My Housekeeper loved them.

My first name is : ..Poindexter Whippersnapper……..

My middle name is : Dick Whippersnapper

My last name is :…whippersnapper

Sex :..Sometimes only on a Wheppersnapper Crapper

Home/Office address is: 88 Princess Dianna Way

My Bank name is The British Bank of the Queen

Account number is: $ # 11-011-77/BAT

Company Name :Whippersnapper’s Crappers (Toilet Company)

Telephone No :+44 897 (893899)


From: Poindexter Whippersnapper as Casper the Holy Ghost

Dear Mr. Edwin,

It was so nice playing again with you. My dear friend

After the game was done with Mr. Edwin Roland I sent him this
The Mugu Family
Nigerian yahoo boy Mugu Award presented by Mr. Whippersnapper
The coveted Mugu Award


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