Is it possible to copy the HTML code of an existing website and have the same complex functions?

For purposes of leaning it can be fun to play around with your browser’s developer tools but you really won’t get much more out of it then seeing the HTML and CSS code. If you do see the javaScript it will look like garbage because, most likely, it will be minimized (all white space removed)

However, no self respecting webmaster is going to leave their back end vulnerable to where even the most experienced hacker can get access to database and/or the code that runs it.

If you want to have a website that takes bookings, it depends on the complexity of the data you want to use. If you want to, for instance, book airline flights then you have to pay to access that database and it’s not cheap. If you run a small office and just want to take appointments online, then you can just get by with some basic PHP and mySQL to create, read, update and delete your own data

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