Is it too dangerous to teach English in Turkey?

This is a very general question. Turkey is a very complex country both geographically, culturally and politically. Four years ago, before the protests in Istanbul, the terrorist attacks (both Syrian and Islamic extremist) and a political coup attempt I would have said yes. Turkey is a very different place now. The Turkish people are the best I’ve ever met but there is way too much tension in the area currently.

I would say that if you’re going to do it stick with Istanbul, Ankara, Ismir and the Black Sea region. The Black Sea region is your best bet now. No way go towards the Syrian border or the east.

My short answer would be NO. Although the odds of you getting hurt are very low it is a high risk environment now. The reiterate that the Turkish people are perhaps the kindest people in the world but I would say do it later in your career when the political tide changes(hopefully for the better)

For now I would say do Japan or South America. They are your safest bets. EFL jobs are plentiful and they always will be. Regardless of the country.

If you insist on Turkey, contact TEOL. I taught for them for five years and they are awesome to work for.

Good luck

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