Is legit?

Is legit?

I went to the site with the mindset that I wanted to investigate further but after looking at the interface I changed my mind. It would be very expensive to access such a large database containing IMEI numbers. Add to the fact that there would be GPS tracking involved which would be very heavy on the servers when performing all these simultaneous queries.

Now lets say that this company had the venture capital and the servers with the number crunching power to perform these tasks. The next question would be: why is the design so amateurish? It is a site designed to find lost cell phones but it is not even responsive (displays on all devices)

No was was I going to enter my IMEI number to test it. To me (and I can be wrong) but does not feel kosher.

Also, if you loose your cell phone, do you really have the IMEI number available? I would say it would be best to call your provider. I actually did that once and they couldn’t even locate the phone. Imagine that. AT&T couldn’t locate their own phone but there is an amateurish website out there that claims they can.

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