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Reverse Scam: Jacqueline and Poindexter’s bogus Jihad

When searching for a prospect to play to scam bait, I usually look for someone I can keep corresponding with for as long as possible. That is the goal of scam baiting. This scam artist was particularity contemptible to me.  Not only does this individual want to scam people out of money but he/she was extremely sloppy and lazy. If you want to scam someone for money, at the very least give a story that makes some sense and don’t be lazy about the whole thing. I guess it comes with frustration as I could not see the dumbest society has to offer fall for our Ali Hassan.  

My contempt has manifested itself in a less comical way. I did not mean to offend Muslims in general(although, if you keep reading I did). I did however, want to cut to the bone on this one and maybe get the coveted death treat. Something that always goes on the trophy shelf of a scam baiting. For that I do not apologize.

For the time being I will consider this one still in progress, so if I can get another rise out of him I will add it

The initial email from Ali Hassan

Kindly advise if your company has the license or capability to execute a mutil million contract supply project for the Government of Iraq.Thank you and treat very urgent. Looking forward to an early response.
Ali Hassan.
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  1. This was a wild post and very funny. The way you alternated between seriousness and ridiculousness had me almost rolling on the floor. I loved the way you also humiliated him by asking for an adult. This piece is priceless and I will share it with my friends

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