Thomas Duda’s Web Design Portfolio: Overview

 I have been developing websites and designing numerous types of graphics since 1996. I continue my work in the US, once again, after five years living as an expat in Turkey.  I see life differently after those years (2008 – 2013) when I got married and lived overseas. It changed many facets of my thought process and life. Those years, although there were difficulties, left an amount of tacit knowledge I could have not discovered by other means.

My Site and I

This site is a testament, not only to my trade, but the way I look at life and the internet. Hire me as a designer, great for us. Use me as an inspiration. Great for you.

I designed this WordPress theme from scratch using a developer starter theme template called underscores

Everything on this site was accomplished using HTML 5, Sass, JavaScript, PHP and Jquery.