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Job opening

Jelani Britt <>

Successful and reliable company has open vacancies and is searching for a new specialist in the US territory.

Salary: Base Pay $ 200 – 300 /weekly Responsibilities:
– To be at home and wait for parcels come from various public sales, etc..
– To send parcels to consumers of our company from all over the world .
– To work from your home and wait for packages will be sent to your place of living
– To rigorously execute the manager’s instructions.
* No caution money required.

As this work is remote, so we will keep in touch with you by phone, email and Skype via your virtual office. That is why if you agree to try your skills at this job please provide us with your email, cell phone and home address.
If you are interested and want to be employed for this job, please let us know about your .


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