Reverse Scam - Mother's Vagina

Scambaiting a Nigerian 419 Scammer – Mother’s Toxic Vagina

This is a typical lottery scam which usually originates from an African country. Although it looks completely ridiculous, many people fall for these swindles as evidenced by the fact that there are so many scammers using this “method.

I decided to use my alter egos Jacqueline Reddenbacher, a tough older woman that has some feminine disorders that she is all to eager to discuss, and her son, a level headed gentlemen who also, mater-of-factually, discusses his mother’s female problems.

The Initial Email, from my spam folder, I found and Responded To

A typical African 419 Email Found in My Spam Folder

Scambaiting is pure bullshit
Do I even have to display this?

My name is Mr,HEINRICH REENTS , I am the Chief Operating Officer of Camelot Group. Camelot Group is the company that operates the National Lottery in the UK…Read the rest

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Mrs. Reddenbacher’s Extra goofy reply starts off the game

Mrs. Reddenbacher, To: Heinrech Reents

Hello Mr. Rent,
Thank you for your most gracious letter. You say “one reason or another.” Well was it one reason or the other and what is one and what is the other? (if you know what I mean) You also say that my “present” is not required. I wasn’t going to give a present to anyone this time of year.

So what do I need to do with Camelot Group?

Mrs. Reddenbacher DDS

Mr. Reents, To: Jacqueline Reddenbacher

Bullshit galore
All the bullshit you can stand is here in this email

Heinrich Replies with a nice cut and paste response trying to get personal information while thinking he looks official

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Seeing that our friend is Germin (Since it is such a nice German name, I will write him a bit in German using Google Translate. The English Translation follows:

Mr. Reents, To Jacqueline Reddenbacher

Don't Germans speak German
Since our friend is a nice German Man. A scambaiter writes in German

Good day Mr. heinrich,
I am very happy that I have been contacted by a friend in the fatherland. You know, your father likes to dress up like a little girl and your mother likes to watch him get spanked by your sister. I have no doubt that you can’t understand a word of this even though you claim the name heinrich.

Mrs. Reddenbacher

Heinrich reply’s by using google translate. Wow, tough work translating the same rubbish he sent previously

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My Reply to the, whatever sits in cyberspace

Mrs. Reddenbacher, To: Mr. Reents

Hello Heinrich,
I have trouble writing in German but I will do my best. To keep all my personal information safe, I will send a screen capture. To make it easier for you, it will be in German.

This is also in German but I sent it as an image. Let’s see if he can cut and paste this 

 Mrs. Reddenbacher, To: Mr. Reents

special just for heinrich
Making it impossible for the scammer to cut and paste my response into google translate. I send the scammer a graphic of my reply.

We wouldn’t want him to cut and paste would we? The translation is:

Mrs. Reddenbacher, To: Mr. Reents

Retarded Man
A scambaiter finds out that the scammer is truly retarded

Dear Heinrich retarded,
You are truly a retarded man with an ambition to make money. Since the information is very sensitive I will not send it in text but an attachment. Therefore spy bots will not read it and neither will you. You are a very funny man and your mother was a pig and your father was a donkey. You are exactly as I would expect.

Miss Jackie

Poor Heinrich is confused. Strange how a man from Germany does not speak German. Can you imagine being born and never being able to speak your own language? 

Mr. Reents, To: Mrs. Reddenbacher

Hello Jacqueline Reddenbacher

Thanks for your email . But i did not get any information  correctly.

please send me your address, telefax numbers, passport numbers

There was a mistake from the telephone numbers you send, please

type it and resend them correctly so i can get them all


Heinrich re-sends the request for information  in German once again, using Google Translate. Please don’t expect me to attach it. 

So I write him back in German:

Mrs. Reddenbacher, To: Mr. Reents

Here is the translation…

Translation….. (always a good idea to throw something understandable like “New York” and some numbers to help with the confusion)
When the clock strikes 1:48 it is when the river goes and the wind knows all about the owls. Now about the address and the passport: the Number for the American passport is 4898987 and my phone number is good to the last drop. there are zeros and numbers in it and I am sure you would like to write it on cardboard. You should not think about your sister in a dirty way but your mother really is a whore. 5879-59323. Feel free to translate this on Google and write me back frustrated. One never knows the life of an elf who has farted in vain.

With no love at all and the respect of a cockroach,
Mrs. Reddenbacher

PS. Let me know if you prefer English as the best form of communication.

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Heinrich, more confused then ever, decides to write in both English and German

Mr. Reents, To: Mrs. Reddenbacher

One very confused scammer
The scammer becomes so confused, he decides to write in both languages

ENGLISH Translation:

Hello Mrs Mrs. Reddenbacher.
This is what i got as your telephone numbers,   0104875%1292     please kindly check your last email and correct the  telephone numbers, i need your courier mailing address too. And am sending you my passport copy and lottery processing form, kindly fill them back and send to me immediately

Heinrich tried to call:

Mr. Reents, To: Mrs. Reddenbacher

Hello Jack.

I tried to call you right now and your numbers arent working, please check the numbers correctly, check the zipcode area of charming CA, and send across to me, I need all those vital information please .

Thank you

Dr Heinrich Reents

Next: Passports and Pictures

German, English Passports Pictures

Mr. Reents, To: Mrs. Reddenbacher


Fake or Stolen Passport of a German Citizen
A stolen passport sent by a Nigerian Scammer pretending to be German

Hello Mrs Mrs. Reddenbacher.
This is what i got as your telephone numbers, 0104875%1292 please kindly check your last email and correct the telephone numbers, i need your courrier mailing address too. And am sending you my passport copy and lottery processing form, kindly fill them back and send to me immediately

Lottery Scam Form for Gaining Information
Form used by a lottery scammer

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Henrich is still waiting for the correct information after Mrs. Reddenbacher lets him wait a few days …..

Mr. Reents, To: Mrs. Reddenbacher

Hello Mrs Jack

Iers and t am still waiting for your correct telephone numbhe fill claim processing form. Kindly fill the form and send to me asap.


Dr Heinrich Reents

Jacqueline Can’t Remember

Mrs. Reddenbacher, To: Mr. Reents

Hello Hinrich,
I thought I sent you my telephone number and I don’t remember seeing any form. Maybe you sent it to the wrong person by mistake?
You have to think to get things done in this world. I’m an old lady, so I know. The last thing I want to do is deal with a stupid man.

Fthr. Jacqueline Reddenbacher UFO

Just the same old form again

Mr. Reents, To: Jacqueline Reddenbacher

Hello Mrs Jack

Lottery Scam Form for Gaining Information
Form used by a lottery scammer

Thanks for letting me know. I herewith resend the lottery processing form. Could you download this form as I have attached it for you and fill the necessary information. Secondly the Telephone numbers you sent to me were not correct, It is suppose to be 11 digits number, Please could you resend the telephone numbers so we can talk when I call you. Its important you hear my voice.

Again I will need to have the Zip code of your city where you stay in New york.

Hope we are to meet with each other in the Nearest Future.


Time for Jacqueline to go to the hospital. The Vagina problems begin

Mrs. Reddenbacher, To: Mr. Reents

Hello Mr. Heinie,
I have to go to the hospital because of my menstrual cycle. I am going to be in the Menstrual Cycle Ward of St. John’s Wort Woman’s hospital. If I can’t contact you from there, I will have my son John Write you. He will tell you all about my menstrual cycle and what is happening. I am so happy for these lottery winnings because I don’t have any insurance for my menstrual cycle. Now that I have the winnings, everything will be hunky dory.

My son John’s email address is: . Please, can you write to him and let him know that I told you all about my menstrual cycle and I want him to handle the winnings.

God Bless You,
Rev. Mrs. Jacqueline Reddenbacher DDS

Heinrich Writes John Reddenbacher

Hello Mr John/Rev. Mrs. Jacqueline Reddenbacher
I am Dr Heinrich reents And am writing on behalf of the lottery claim payment which was suppose to have been transferred to your mother. Please could you provide me with a day time telephone numbers so we can talk and let me inform you about the necessary procedures for take off and payment proceedings. I am sorry about your mothers ill health and I wish her a fast Recovery.
Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible
Dr Heinrich Reents

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From Menstrual Cycles to infected vagina’s

John Reddenbacher, To: Mr. Reents

Hello Mr. Rents,
Thank you for contacting me about my mother’s vagina. I think she is in the Vagina ward in the hospital.Her vagina has turned red and pus was leaking all over the furniture. She came to my house and leaked vagina puss all over my furnature. I said “No way Jose!” if she wants to come to my house again, she has to have her vagina fixed.

Anyway, I am glad that you wrote me and glad that she won the lottery. Without this money she would not be able to fix her vagina

Thank you,

Maybe my last email was a little too ridiculous.  Time to come up with an ID for John and make it look real

John Reddenbacher, To: Mr. Reents

John Reddenbacher's Bogus Passport
A fake passport used to deceive scammers

Dear Mr. Heinrich,
It appears that my mother will be in the Vagina Hospital for some time. She is in intensive care and they have to give her vagina steroids to make it stronger and get rid of the extra puss.

Anyway, I am sending you a copy of my passport. Can I receive the money in my bank account? If I have to, I can go and get her signature. Her vagina problem should not make it a problem to get her signature.

Best Regards,

Dr. Mr. Redden Reddenbacher, sin

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Ok, got him back. I guess I made the passport look real enough 🙂

Mr. Reents, To: John Reddenbacher

Hello John

Thanks for your email and I wish your mother a fast recovery from her illness. You need not to get her signature, I will employ the services of a lawyer to do that for her here. I am aware that your mother is aged enough and she can hardly do a lot of work nowadays.I will Pray for Tomorrow in Church Service so she can recover Fastly.

Yes you can go ahead and send me your Banking Coordinates and let me see what next in the few days coming. Its not easy but I am working hard to achieve Success.

Is there any Day time Phone Numbers I can reach you so we can get to know each other very well. I will await further response from you before  I will inform the lawyer that would assist us legally to obtain all the necessary documents for the release of the Lottery claim Payment.

Lookiing Forward to hear from you soon

My Regards

Now to be even more ridiculous

John Reddenbacher, To: Mr. Reents

Hello Heinie,
I just got back from the hospital. I’m afraid that my mother is not doing very well. Her vagina was so infected and swollen that it exploded all over one of the nurses. The nurse almost choked to death on my mother’s vagina pus. She was awake for a few minutes and she told me to say hello to you. She considers you her very good friend and hopes that someday she can meet you when her vagina is better.

Have a good night,
Rev. John Reddenbacher, isp

Next: Mother’s Passport.. 

My Mother’s Passport

John Reddenbacher, To: Mr. Reents

Hello Mr. Heinie,
jacqueline-reddenbacher-passportI haven’t heard from you and my mother has been worrying about you too. I hope everything is OK. When I was in the hospital, I asked my mother for her information. She told me where the passport was in her house. It was in a safe place, so there was no problem with vagina juice getting over it.

I hope everything is going good with you and don’t be shy. Send me a picture of yourself 🙂
Capt. Prof. John Reddenbacher, PMS/DDS

He is not getting what he wants…

Mr. Reents, To: John Reddenbacher

pass reents2006Hello Mr John

Thanks for your email. And am happy that we have just been able to finalize the claim. Could you send me your daytime telephone numbers. And your courier mailing address.I herewith attach my passports for your perusals

Looking forward to hear from you soon


Mr. Reents To: John Reddenbacher

Hello John
Send her pictures and a daytime telephone numbers to communicate with you people asap.
I am waiting for your information

Next: Give the People What They Want..

Give the people what they want….

John Reddenbacher, To: Mr. Reents

Hi Mr, Rent,

,mrs-reddenbacher-hospitalIt is good to hear from you and when I tell my mother, she will be very happy. We have a little bit of a problem. Remember that nurse that I told you about. She got a gallon of vagina juice in her eye. Now the nurse can’t see and we are being sued for unlawfully using vagina juice. Not like she meant to squirt vagina juice in the Nurse’s eye.

Anyway, My cell phone is not working because I dropped it in the toilet and, unfortunately,  it was un-flushed and my mother’s vagina juice disintegrated my phone . But you can call my mother’s hospital room. I am always there and you will get to say hello to her as well.

She is in The Minstrel hospital in the ward for bad vagina’s
Just call the minstrel hospital and ask for Mrs. Reddenbacher in the bad vagina ward

Thank you,
John Reddenbacher

Mother is out of the hospital so she now writes

Mrs. Reddenbacher, To: Mr. Reents

Hello Mr. Rent,
,mrs-reddenbacher-hospitalI am out of the hospital now and I am happy to say that my vagina is better then ever. Did my son tell you that a nurse lost her eye because my vagina exploded in it? It is a very sad story and she has her lawyer calling me now. I am just glad that I am going to get the lottery winnings from you. Did you contact my bank yet? I didn’t see the money there but I guess you are busy. Here is a picture of me from the hospital and I hope that you can send me your picture too. Maybe I will even send you a picture of my new Vagina 😉

I love you,
Rabbi Jacqueline Reddenbacher PMS
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Heinrich writes and welcomes Mrs. Reddenbacher home

Mr. Reents, To: Mrs. Reddenbacher

Welcome home dear. i am happy your vagina better and hate the bad thing happen to nurse. My. dear i tried to call the hospital but i cannot find the menstral hospital in new jersey. give to me your home number N I call to you.

Mrs. Reddenbacher pours it on a little better.

Mrs. Reddenbacher, To: Mr. Reents

Mr. Heine,

I don’t have a phone anymore. As my son explained to you, if you can understand more then two words, my phone got ruined because of pussy juice. Is this so difficult to understand? Are you a retarded Heine?  I am having a big problem with my vagina and you don’t want to send me my money. Now, since you have the mind of a child, I suggest you go to an adult and ask them how to send my money. An adult is easy to find. They are those people all around that laugh at you and pat you on the head. Get one of them to send my money because I need to pay my legal fees and for my vagina transplant.

Mrs. Reddenbacher, DVD

Heinrich gets mad

Mr. Reents, To: Mrs. Reddenbacher

May your family and everyone rot and burn in hell for what you diid . i don t care about your vagina and hope your offspring get vagina on them to

Next: Endgame..


From: The artist formally known as Mrs. Reddenbacher, To: Mr. Reents

Well Mr. Heinrich,

That may very well be true but it sure was fun wasting your time talking about

New Version of The Mugu Award
A scammer is entitled a nice award from the scambaiter after a game well played.

leaky vagina’s and having you write me, translate my German, go to Google Translate and try to call. It was indeed a pleasure waisting such a nice person’s  time. Here is an award. Please don’t be humble. You earned it. Put it on the internet cafe wall and maybe you can tatoo it on your own mother’s vagina so everyone can see it. It will make your mother proud.

Until we meet again (and we will)

Ta Ta


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  1. I first thought that this article would be offensive but as I read on I discovered that it was just funny as hell. Pretending to be an old woman talking to a complete stranger about woman things was hysterical. Then her son came into the picture and continued to talk about his mother’s condition without shame. It just goes to show how creative people can be.

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