My name is Mr,HEINRICH REENTS , I am the Chief Operating Officer of Camelot Group. Camelot Group is the company that operates the National Lottery in the UK. I have worked here for over 10 years, but I will be retired in a time of 2 months and for one reason or another I was denied pension.

Every year huge amounts of unclaimed prize money goes, of course, this unclaimed fund is intended to sponsor good causes (Charity), but instead are unclaimed prizes are shared between the Council of Camelot, without any incentives given to us.

Currently there is a prize not claimed for a sum of £14,045,504 GBP. My suggestion to you is this: I want you to apply online, to claim the sum of £ 14,045,504 GBP. I will provide the details of the raffle tickets to allow you to apply for the prize.

Your present is not required in the UK to receive the prize, all you have to do is to apply for the prize money on-line, once the application is processed and approved; the prize money will be transferred to you. You have nothing to worry about, I will immediately provide details of the lottery ticket, the complaint becomes completely legitimate.

As an employee of Camelot, I and my extended family are not eligible to participate in draws, so my contact with you. You will have fifty percent for your role in this lottery payment , I will pay to charity and 10 percent and 40 percent goes to me and my family.

Please understand that I am not a greedy person or ungrateful, I’m just doing this for my family and also to help the less privileged. With my position in this company, I guarantee you that this deal is 100% risk free. I’ll understand if you do not want to join, but please consider my offer.

If you agree please let me know so that we can proceed, if you do not, thanks for taking time to consider my proposal.





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