I have received my associates degree in computer science from Bergen Community College in 1998. In the early 90’s the more desired languages were: Pascal, FORTRAN, Assembler and Basic. Fortunately, while I was getting my hands dirty with those “primitive (providing limited abstraction from the computer)” languages a new programming language called “C” was becoming very popular. The advantage was it was more human readable than its machine like predecessors

Subsequently I updated to C++ when I was introduced to Object Orientated Programming. The beauty of being exposed to C++ was the fact that a great deal of the syntax has stuck with the languages of today as well as their Object Orientated nature. bypassing subtleties of a farrago of all computer languages of today I digress. I am a web developer and in addition to the obvious knowledge of HTML and CSS my scripting languages of choice are: PHP, SQL, JavaScript (especially the libraries jQuery and React.js and the frameworks Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap) and Ruby.

I am also very active in the WordPress developer community and continue to design and modify themes and plugins.



About the Author

About Thomas

Thomas Duda is a web designer who lives in Bakersfield, CA with his wife and dogs. He is also interested in: Blogging, Writing, Vaping, Fishing, Swimming and Drawing.

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