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Megan Hoffman Scam Email – Audition for New CBS Spinoff ‘CSI: CYBER’

Scam Baiting and casual encounters with scammers

Playing with scammers is a lot of fun. It doesn’t take much time (maybe a minute a

craigslist scam
Typical craigslist scam post for the express purpose of obtaining your email address

day) and it is sort of like digging in a dumpster and making artwork with the pieces. All without getting my hands dirty(in a literal sense), and, I can use my experiences to get a few laughs and get traffic to my website.

Scammers like to use regular sounding names

Evil Megan Hoffman
All the Megan Hoffman’s of the world are not evil

I understand that all the Megan Hoffman‘s of the world are not evil and I doubt that Megan Hoffman is this person’s real name. Variations of this piece of spam, on a monthly basis, finds its way into my inbox. There is no way to filter it because the email address changes every month.

The scammer’s goal

The goal of this minor-league scammer is to have enough correspondence with an aspiring actor to ultimately get them to subscribe to their “agencies” website in order to, for a price, obtain auditions.

Take note that there is also no company name or website address associated with the initial email.

Note: I linked to the actual domains that the emails come from. You will not find a page with any real content. They are just servers for the express purpose of routing spam. 

The Scammer Megan Hoffman Writes again from:

Happy Thursday!

We wanted to get in touch with you to tell you that the new CBS drama series “CSI: Cyber” is now in the midst of casting its first season!

This show from the producer of “Hostages” co-stars James Van Der Beek.

“CSI: Cyber” currently has ten co-starring roles to fill for Season Two.

If you’d like to know more about this casting call, just reply to this email with the words “CSI CYBER” in your subject line.

Good Luck!
Megan Hoffman

My Grateful Reply

Hamlet is best performed comfortably
Hamlet is best performed in comfortable ataire

Dear Megan Hoffman,

It is indeed a delight to see that you recognize my supreme talent. Most would not know (unless they have an Ouija Board ) how to contact me. I never leave the house but, late at night when everyone is asleep, I do Hamlet in my underwear. My dogs really love it and I was afraid that my efforts would go unnoticed by Homo sapiens(congratulations on the supreme court decision BTW)  I really respect your talent in discovering me.

I happily accept your offer to be the lead role in the CSI Cyber. I am sure that you realize that I am a very busy man and will have to make arrangements to postpone my current engagement to be on your show.

Now, I have to tell you that I expect a limo to bring me on location and also to return me home to my mansion (in the trailer park) where I live. Also, I need to know other logistics such as: should I wear clothes and should I bring my shoes?

I look forward to doing the show and I hope your wedding is a happy one

Megan Hoffman has a bot:

Megan Hoffman the Weirdo
The real Megan Hoffman must be some kind of weirdo

Obviously, unless Megan Hoffman is a weirdo as well as a scammer, my reply was not read by anything remotely human

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the CBS show “CSI: Cyber”! We have received your email and we’re now getting back to you.

This newest spinoff of “CSI” stars Patricia Arquette, and it is now casting roles for an upcoming episode from its second season which films in Mid-October.

We need to ask you a few quick questions to determine if you might be right for any of the roles being cast.

1) What decade were you born?

2) What age range would you be best able to play?

3) What’s your gender?

4) Briefly describe any previous acting experience you’ve had, such as student films, online videos, television acting, or live theater.

5) What is a daytime cell phone number where you can be reached?

Please reply back as soon as possible with the answers to the above questions.

We will read over your response and determine if any roles might be suitable for you.

We look forward to hearing back from you today.

Megan Hoffman
Talent Call

A very special response

I love hamlet underware
Only a talented agent would find someone performing hamlet at midnight to an audience of dogs

Hellllooooo Mr. Hoffman,
I am so glad that you wrote me back. Like I say I have a busy schedule doing Shakespeare in my underwear. I have a question for you. Do you supply underwear on the set and if so, what size? I am a very big man-wolf and I can’t fit into small underwear.

Now I will answer your questions.

1) What decade were you born?
I am a Scorpio

2) What age range would you be best able to play?
I am currently playing Hamlet

3) What’s your gender?

4) Briefly describe any previous acting experience you’ve had, such as student films, online videos, television acting, or live theater.
I was Columbo in a past life

5) What is a daytime cell phone number where you can be reached?

Now a reply from this email:

Hello again,

Thanks for taking care of those questions regarding the audition for
the CBS series “CSI: Cyber”.

There are still nine roles open on an upcoming episode from the second
season of this series which shoots in October.

If you’d like to read over a detailed description of these characters,
just go to our website below….

When you find a role that you would like to submit for, just click
through to the next page to find out how to audition.

Our actor’s service provides updates of auditions like this one every
single week for our members.

Good luck!

Megan Hoffman
Talent Call

Here is what you get…

Talent Call Scam
Talent Call takes you to a sigh-up page. This is a good place to give out your credit card information


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    1. I would say go to your bank and dispute the charge. They will probably tell you to contact the merchant first, but I doubt they are reachable. I disputed charges before. You have to be persistent when call them. Talk to a supervisor and ask them to escalate the claim.

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