Color Theory: Color meanings and perceptions Part 2

Color Theory: Color meanings and perceptions Part 2

Color Theory: The way color is interpreted throughout the world

Color Meanings

India uses color theory very well
The film industry knows how important color theory is

Colors can make us feel. Love, sadness, envy and anger that may come to mind when you think of a red heart, a sad face painted blue, the purple tie on a nemesis that received your deserved promotion at work or the color of a person’s face when they received a parking ticket.

These are just a few that may come to mind. However, different cultures can perceive colors quite differently then us Americans (no offense if you are not American. I would love to hear your feedback in the comment section).

Read on for an explanation of emotions colors engender in the western part of

Color theory in action. Blue accentuates peace and tranquility

our planet.

Blue – Tranquility, integrity, security and peace

Green – Environmental and Freshness

Yellow – Energy, cheerfulness and caution

Purple – Spirituality, luxury

Pink – love, sensitivity

Tints and shades may also convey feelings the color conveys. a darker blue showcases security and integrity while, Lighter blues give off a peaceful and tranquil mood.

Time also had an effect on  colors. As with words, the meaning

Churches and other organizations use color theory
Churches and other organizations use color theory

along the color spectrum is forever changing. Corporations and organizations have used, sometimes, overused color theory to the point that our minds have been conditioned according branding techniques.

The catholic church’s clergy wear deep shades of purple and red which has made these colors a symbol of spirituality.

In the past, at least I heard before I was born, Pink was actually a color for boy. For as long as I can remember seeing pink gave rise to the notion that it is associated with females. Although, in some parts of the western world, it is in becoming normal for boys to wear pink and nobody laughs…Except me.

Of course when we watch the world news, Olympics and other national events, we can’t help notice that nations have also claimed colors as their own.  For example, in Ireland, if a person found flyer at their door it would no doubt signify St. Patrick’s day.

This concludes my general overview of what color’s can mean. I urge you to start looking at the world in terms of colors and their meaning. It just may help you the next time you have a design project.

In my next article, I will get into into some insights and tips when deciding on using the correct colors.



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