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Color Theory: Do’s and Don’ts in working with colors – Part 3

Simplicity is your best friend

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When working with colors: Keep it simple

I mishap I often observe regarding new web designers is a vast array of colors in their designs. use one base color and offset it with a neutral.  I mishap I often observe regarding new web designers is a vast array of colors in their designs. Use a single color and offset it with a neutral color.  Otherwise,  the user can get overwhelmed.

Never forget about contrast

I am sure you have come across some very nice sites, with a beautiful cover photo accompanied by unreadable type. The problem was that text was unreadable. Many designers overlook the importance of color contrast.
Dark hues work best with bright hues. Books universally have a white backgrounds and black text. Each color has a contrast value. White is the lightest value and black is the darkest value.

Yellow and green are light values. Using yellow or green text on a white surface would be difficult to read. Conversely, yellow on a darkly shaded background and you have something. An obvious example would be traffic signs. Yellow text on a white background, would not be very useful when a train is coming and you are pondering the safety of crossing the railroad track.

Here is another example using purple. Shall I write more?


We wouldn't want to use the wrong colors for a funeral home
We wouldn’t want to use the wrong colors for a funeral home

A hypothetical client comes to me wanting a perfect logo. Let’s say she has a beauty spa.

Remember part one of this blog? Very good. We would want to steer her towards colors that give off a peaceful message, rather then something energetic.

Furthermore, I wouldn’t expect many truck drivers or construction workers to be interested in her products or services. Women, on the other hand will most defiantly be the target audience.

I would have to say that we want a peaceful message and the best thing we can

Undertaker colors for a beauty spa
Nor would you want to give the wrong impression for a beauty spa

use is tints.

Optimum colors to convey beauty, tranquility, peacefulness and femininity would include pink, yellow, purple and blue.

But wait a second. She now tells you that it is important for her clientele to know that her products are organic.

That leads to green which tilts the mind in the direction of earthiness and

So I’d like to use green, as green conveys thoughts of freshness and the environment.

Green is not a feminine color, yet we realize that tints can be very feminine. Therefore a light bulb goes off and we start thinking “Green Tint”

We are not done yet. A tranquil mood is also in order so blue comes to mind. Now I start thinking of somehow blending green and blue.

Science vs Subjective
People everywhere will never see color theory as anything but subjective. Some people may find that a dark red background with dark purple text will look fantastic.

Poorly chosen colors
Poorly chosen colors is only beautiful to those that choose them
However, I don’t think it quite works.

Exceptions do always exist.  Design companies sometimes defy and win. It is like the old expression “You have to know the rules before you can break them.


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