Indian SEO Scam -1st Page On Google!!!

Indian SEO Scam -1st Page On Google!!!

 Indian SEO Scam Epidemic

 Indian SEO scams are becoming commonplace. All one has to do is check their spam folder and they will find a huge quantity of junk email claiming to drive massive amounts of traffic to a website. Furthermore, as a blogger, I also find, in my WordPress spam box, huge amounts of Indian SEO spam.
The fact is that for so many Indian SEO scammers to jump on this bandwagon, the scam must actually work. They are like infomercials. No one admits to buying from them but they are not staying on the air for fun.
One should consider a couple of facts immediately.
1)Google’s pagerank algorithm is very secretive. Only top level Google execs and programmers are privileged to the inner workings of the search engines. They are high paid and they will not share secrets with, let alone regrettable companies, or spammers from overseas. I merely make this point as many scam artists claim to either have a friend at google or they have inside information.
2) For something as sacred as your website, you don’t want someone that you don’t know poking around your back end and viewing/changing your data. It is impossible to do anything related to SEO without this heightened access level to your website’s back end. Never give out your passwords and login information unless you absolutely trust the person.
3) SEO requires a command of the language that the given website is written in. Keywords cannot be arbitrarily added to one’s content. They have to be added to the articles while making the content the language flow. Indian English would not quite be a good mix in a well-written article.

A Recent Example of an SEO Scam Email

Here is an example of a scammer who attempted to appear more sophisticated. Now let’s look at the red flags. 

The header showed that this email (it turns out many like it) were sent from India. Not really the best place for an executive of a big award winning company in the US to go on vacation. Let alone send an email from.

No company name mentioned.

No phone number. Respectable companies only use Skype?

Miller? Is that a common first name in the US?(Yes, if you are a bottle of beer)

Let’s go a little deeper and go through his email:

Hi, Dear Sir/Madam (now this is just ridiculous. When in doubt as to which salutation to use, use both),

Hope you are well (Very nice Indian way to begin an email). I am Miller(Last name without a Mr/Mrs. ?),and I work as(You mean “Miller” is working AS a company?)  a US based Company. We are An ISO 9001: 2000 & Google Certified IT Company (I think they meant to say “Google Partner” but nice try) and recently won the prestigious Red Herring award as the fastest growing companies(make up your mind, are you one company or many?). I would like to discuss a business opportunity with you. We are a Search Engine Optimization firm, with over 9 years of experience.

Some Core Points:

Keyword Research & Analysis
Make your website visible on Search Engines!!
Improve your business website ranking!!
All SEO Files Configured Monthly (You mean that there are “SEO files?” does he mean sitemap.xml?)
What this would cost? (a question is a core point? Quite a faux pas for a leader of such a large award-winning organisation )
Monthly SEO Updates & Reports, etc.
Want more clients? (a question is a core point?)
Google Tools & SEO Files Created (he recreates google tools just for you?)

Do you wish to increase visitors on your website?

Allow us an opportunity to speak to you and explain the whole concept.

For A Good result( yuk yuk yuk, I guess “Miller” was getting tired towards the end), Please Email us Your Website and Skype Id & Phone Number, we’ll be very happy to assist you..

Warm Regards,
Miller (Makes me want to get a beer after reading such nonsense),
Business Development Manager
Note: – Note: If you are not interested then you can reply with a simple \”NO\”,We will never contact you again. (I thought it would be more productive to expose him”)

My Reply(as my cowboy persona George McCarver)

Howdy Mr. Miller,
I am happy that you wrote. I’ve been look’en for a website CEO for a long time. I am George McCarver of the Country band George McCarver and the Kin. How much do ya’ll get to get a website done for me?


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