A Scamburger with everything on it – Scam Baiting an Indian SEO Spammer – Part 2

A Scamburger with everything on it – Scam Baiting an Indian SEO Spammer – Part 2

Rabbi Ham Burger
Rabbi Hamburger, a fictional character I used to deceive the scammer

Rabbi Hamburger

The good rabbi and hamburger king converses with Kumar(a spammer) about such topics as: business, pest control, construction, web design and life in general. Kumar kindly listens to the good rabbi’s ramblings as he kindly awaits a good payday. 


The Scam baiting Rabbi Hamburger to spammer

Hello Awantika,
I am very happy that you wrote to me about this. I was looking to start a website for a long time. Let me introduce myself. I am rabbi Hamilton Burger but most most people know me as Rabbi Ham Burger. In addition to being a rabbi, I have a small hamburger stand and I want to have a website for it. It is called Rabbi Ham’s Burger. I want to place my menu on a website and have some pictures of meat and some quotes from the Talmud.

Can this be done?

With the love of Moses,

Rabbi Ham Burger

A spammer’s reply

Thanks for your reply.
Let me know do you have domain name and hosting?
if not then what domain name do you like?
and thanks to give me your full requirement.

I am Rabbi Hamburger

Hello My Friend,
I am so happy that you wrote me back and you are having a wonderful day. Like I said in my first email, I am a rabbi at the temple Beth Israel Shalom but I have a small hamburger company. My name is Hamilton Burger but people call me rabbi hamburger. I want to have a small website (under 100 pages) that showcases my burgers, has menus, pictures of raw meat, has an option to order online and a page with some special Talmud quotes.

The most important thing is you do a good job and make the site look spiffy, hamburgerish but at the same time Jewish(We can’t forget our heritages can we?)

This is not an important question but I would like to know if you are Jewish. Have you accepted Moses as your lord and personal Savior? If not, it is not important but to know about each other is good for a fruitful business relationship.

Rabbi Hamilton Burger

Hamburgerish with everything on it

Thanks for your reply.
And thanks for give more information about yours and your business.

sure you will get a good job with hamburgerish, spiffy look.

No i am not Jewish, i am an Indian “Hindu”

Jewish, Hindu, the sea finds its path. Yada yada yada

Hello Mr. Kumar,
That is just wonderful that you find your spiritually within the Hindu faith. There are many roads and paths on which water flows and they all lead to the sea. In fact, I had once written a book on how the sea effects us physically, spiritually and mentally. It is such a shame that is being used as a dumping ground for chemicals and garbage. That is exactly why I decided to go into the hamburger business. Fish have enough problems without being stuck between someone’s buns(unless it’s a shark, of course).

Anyway, A hamburger website it will be then! I hope you have a blessed day.

Ftr. Rabbi Hamilton Burger

Back to business

OK, that’s great.

now lets discus about business deal.

As you told me your requirement i need 50 working days to compelete your work


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