Fat Aunt Marta and Her Partner – Scam Baiting an Indian SEO spammer – part 3

Fat Aunt Marta and Her Partner – Scam Baiting an Indian SEO spammer – part 3

Players: Jacqueline Reddenbacher, Fat Aunt Marta

 Scam Baiter Jecqueline Reddenbacher to Awantika

Scam baiter Jacqueline reddenbacher
Fictional character Jacqueline Reddenbacher

Hello Awantika,

Thank you for writing. I have a jewelry store that I want to go online with. I need the website to have eCommerce capabilities and I have a wide array of merchandise. Needless to say, the site will quite large. Does your company have the capabilities of accommodating such a project?

Looking forward to your reply.

Jacqueline Reddenbacher

Prestige Jewelers INC

Kumar bites and calls Mrs. Reddenbacher sir

Hello sir,
I am waiting for your valuable response.

I ignore the gender mistake and write a very comprehensible email

Hello Mrs. Kumar,
I am glad you wrote and I want to know more of what you know that I know that you know. I am looking for you to make me a website of eCommerce that is made for online ordering where you can buy products. My company is a Jewelry company and I have many items.

How much will the website cost and how long will it take?

Kumar, oddly enough, does not see it within himself to ignore my gender mistake

Hello Mrs. Reddenbacher,

Its not Mrs. its Mr. (Abhishek kumar is a male name). Anyway let’s we discous about deal.

we make your website with

1. unlimited products.
2. unlimited category.
3. search by price or price rang.
4. Search by size.
5. Search my category.
6. products will show with description.
7. user friendly
8. Online payment option.
9. Administrative area to add new products edit product etc.
10. user friendly and attractive design.
11. we upload your up to 500 products free.
12. 6 months maintenance free.
13. Sign up and register.
14. shopping cart.
15. live chat.

Let me know if you want any thing extra.

I will make it in CMS “Megento”

MEGENTO : very secure and fast CMS used to develop eCommerce websites.

Total Cost: $8,000/-

Time we need to complete your work 60 working days and 20 working days to complete testing part.

Total 80 working days.

If you want more detail let me know ?

i am waiting for your valuable response.

 Mrs. Reddenbacher knows something

Sorry Mr. Kumar I meant no offense!  I heard of magento. Is it better then WordPress with woo commerce?


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