Scam Baiting an Indian SEO spammer – Roped-in by a Cowboy

George McCarver to SEO spammer

Scam baiter George McCarver
Fictional scam baiting character George McCarver

Hello Mam,

I am George McCarver and I wanted to contact you for a website for my band. I am a country singer and I want to have a page for my songs. People should be able to listen on the website and if they like the song, they should be able to purchase the mp3.

Please let me know if this is something you can do, how much will it cost? and how long will it take.



My lil buddy the SEO Spammer


Thanks for your reply.

Yes sure we can make a website for your band where people listen songs on the websites, and purchase the mp3 songs online.

charges : $400/-

we need 20 days to complete this site.

we are waiting for your valuable response.

The type of website I wan’t ya’ll to make me

Howdy there partner,
I am look’en for a hoot’en holler’en website that starts with a big explosion. Like I said, I want to have songs that stream and people can pay and download the mp3’s.
Some of my song titles include:

Song titles for an Indian SEO spammer
Some very special song titles just for an Indian spammer

Dance’n my way back to ol’ New Mexico
When the wolves broke loose
I gave your mamma a wedgie
The last time I saw your sister
Martians can’t square dance
Drink’en with a lonely cowboys
Honkey tonk UFO
SEO Spammer and a Cowboy
If you ain’t a hooker then I ain’t a cowboy
Yeah ha doodle diddie do

I hope you like them

Even Spammers like country music

OK sure We will add these songs title and give a functionality from admin so you can add itself more titles and songs.

Some more song titles for a spammer

That’s real nice there partner. I got a hoot n holler’en list of songs that everybody and his grand’ma would love to download.

Trailer park romance
Big wheel truck come’n home
Pack of cigarettes and dogs
If ya won’t give me that beer, I can’t drink it
Dance’n fool
Hillbilly Alien
Grand’ma done got gas
Rodeo UFO
I’m drink’en but not a stink’en
do l da ha gigga la Louisiana

Which one do you like best there cowboy?

Wow, the SEO spammer/web designer loves them all. He ain’t no Indian. He must be a cowboy Yeh ha

Ok then i add these all.

let me know do have your domain name and hosting?


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