The good bank of the republic of the people of the United States of America

The good bank of the republic of the people of the United States of America

Looking for work on craigslist is a daunting task. Especially when faced constant scam artists and spammers.  Lucky for me I love I find some of the scam emails quite entertaining. It affords me the opportunity to clear my head with mindless ramblings and provide a few laughs (especially to myself) and possibly demoralize the scammer making them less successfulwhen targeting someone less internet savoy then ourselves.

Here is your classic job scam. Also known as Phishing where they attempt to gather your personal information.


From: Richard Holmes to Casper the Holy Ghost

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for applying. Your interest about the job has been received. It is due to the need for an urgent replacement for my Personal Assistant the job Ad position was placed. I really need someone urgently to take up the position as my personal assistant and also help me with shipping, mailing and general errands. Mr Chan Tsung used to be my personal assistant but he had to travel back to her country (Thailand) due to family emergency.

I’m Dr Richard Holmes, I am 61 years old, educated, i am very cultural,i love art very much, great sense of humor, good morals, very much down to earth……….


Your application was submitted to me by craigslist but however this might seem a little different from the position placed, like i said earlier it is due to the need for an urgent replacement for my Personal Assistant………

Kindly provide me with the following details below:

Full Name:

Full Address(NO P.O.BOX):

Apt No:



Zip code:

Phone Number:


Current Occupation:

Name of Bank

Once you send all this information, i will make a back ground check on your details and will get back to you within 24hrs to let you know if you get the job. Thank you.

Dr Richard Holmes


From: Casperthe Holy Ghost to Mr. Holmes

Mr. Holmes,

Thank you for writing on such short notice. You sound like a very good man with helping a shemale go back to her country. You obviously master and bated the English language very well.  Let me tell you a little about myself. I am 6’3, have a very large head, am mildly slow (borderline retarded) and am 73 years old. My wife is a midwife but she doesn’t look a day over 70.

As My fat aunt Martha always told me (bug resting on her soul) “It is the things in life that come at you slowly when you are young but age makes the world spin faster.” Nice to know there are good people like you in the world too. Nevertheless, I will answer your questions now.

Full Name: Mr. Michael Mentalblock Sr.

Full Address(NO P.O.BOX): As per your request I have a P.O. Box, No. 468 Water-land heights.

Apt No:  Yes, a house

City: Yes, I live in a city

State: Slight dementia on a good day

Zip code: 07022

Phone Number: My daughter just gave me a cell phone. I’ll be damned if I can find the number. It is a Cingular phone if that helps.

Gender: M/F

Current Occupation: Hand Tanner of Handicapped

Name of Bank The Good Bank of the Republic of the People of the United States

Please let me know that all this helps

Me. Mentalblock Sr

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Casper the Holy Ghost to Mr. Holms

Dear Mr. Holmes,

I would like to thank you so much for playing. Eventhough this was not a long game it will provide many laughs for years to come for my readers. Therefore, please accept this award.

You have been blessed,

Casper the Holy Ghost

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