Why do Democrats say Trump is racist towards Mexicans? Mexican isn't even a race.

Michael Basler I love Trump. I also really love Mexicans. I also believe we should have an immigration policy. I do not understand why we cannot have a reasonable conversation about all of these things. Mexicans are the biggest offender of illegal immigration. To say it's racist to believe that illegal immigration is wrong is […]

Why do Democrats say Trump is racist towards Mexicans? Mexican isn’t even a race.

 Michael Basler  I love Trump. I do think he has a lot of ideas, to say the least, that are different. He does have that in common with the world’s most famous and infamous historical leaders. I also am quite fond of Mexicans as well as other nationalities. I also believe we should have an […]

What are some tips and tricks every Front end developer should learn with HTML,CSS, and JavaScript or PHP?

Abhijit Saxena HTML:If you want to store some information about some data of an element and you don’t want to store it in a variable then you can create an attribute inside the tag of that element and store that information there. Like, <input type=’text’ employee_type=’tier1′ id=’employee_name’ val=’Person 1′ /> or Employee’s NamePerson 1 CSS:display:inline […]

What do we mean by paradigms of research?

Tom Duda Well a short answer is: A paradigm is by definition “a model of excellence”; therefore, it would have to mean “the best in research”. One would hope, however, that this is just another word that is a misnomer (welcome to the world of the English language where words loose their true meanings when […]