10 of the worst websites I could find

Ugly Websites – top 10 Designer Nightmares

The internet has come a long way yet to my surprise many ugly websites still have that horrible look of the early nineties. Here is a list of the ones that are, in my opinion, the worst offenders.

Ugly Websites come in all shapes, sizes, colors, sounds ad-nauseum

1. Uglytub.com

Perhaps one is in the market for a new bathtub. I am not sure about the quality and appearance of their merchandise but I do know that they do have one ugly website. By some twisted crime of logic the designer choose to employ such a tiny font. If one’s eyes are not sore enough due to squinting, we proceed to the graphics. The gaudy animated gifs embedded within a tabular interface. Enter at your own risk.

2. Mrbottles.com.

The ugly red typeface clashes with the poorly rendered images and I would imagine it engenders dismay in others that have stumbled upon mrbottles.com.

Imposing sound upon a user is a very poor decision unless, of course, one has a back button fetish. If a user wants more, they should not fret. The animation of the salesperson walking across the screen is sure to please.

Good things come in bottles. After many a bottle is emptied, I’m sure, this site begins to look good.

3. Jamilin.com


This is just cheesy and looks so spammy that I almost get itchy looking at it. Images, advertisements, videos and text all crammed together like commuters on a Manhattan subway. Only a train in Manhattan will get you to your destination. Unfortunately, for this site, navigation is nearly impossible.

Turn your sound on for the ultimate online ugly website experience…

 4. Craigslist.com

Despite the fact that I have been using craigslist for years, and cannot remember one useful connection coming from this ugly website. Being a haven for scammers, spammers, child molesters, rapists and drug dealers, it has an interface that still looks like it is from 1991. There are no style sheets present and the programming is so sloppy it appears as if it is being maintained by junior high school interns. If it were around in the time of Solomon, Proverbs may have had a passage “The key to wisdom is avoiding all ugly websites such as, craigslist.com

5. Gatesnfences.com

When we meet a person that talks too much what do we do? I, for one, try to be polite and shut off everything they say. Others will try to take it all in and yet others will rudely walk away. That is exactly what I think of when I see ugly websites such as gatesnfences.com. They overwhelm the visitor with cheap graphics, flashing lights and text, mostly irrelevant, shouting out everywhere one looks.


Sorry to put the screen capture thumbnail here. The first time I visited this site I sneezed and went away with a headache. I finally developed a tolerance and I can view it for about 5 seconds. It is a children’s website and children do like bright colors while learning about the world. However, to use bright colors is not the same as gaudy beyond belief and this site would have been laughable in the early 90’s.

7. bolenreport.com

Another reject form the Clinton years this site has four feature articles on one page. Nowadays, it is very bad practice to include four H1’s or title tags but four feature articles?

 8. 007museum.com

I can’t remember how far back the James Bond, agent 007 spy character has been around. He was quite the masculine and charismatic figure that men wanted to be like and women lusted after. Unfortunately, that image will change for everyone that visits ugly websites like 007museum.com . Default fonts aka times new roman and default style sheets and cluttered graphics are very unbecoming of a website for a mega spy.

9. Arngren.net

This site may be supposed to look like a catalog but it is more like falling into a landfill before the debris have been covered. Random low-resolution images are everywhere and if it were a representation of a junk yard, it would be the perfect website. However, it is not.

10. Rudgwicksteamshow.co.uk

Over-the-top Photoshop filters on images and extra busy graphics and text makes one wonder how a search engine can find this needle in a haystack. This site is the pinnacle of everything that would make a designer cringe and an editor change careers. It is just a gaudy mess. If your website has appeared on our list then, please don’t be offended, but it might be time to consider a redesign (if you can still access it, that is…).


In the early to mid-nineties, when the internet was rapidly becoming available to the general public;  the WWW started off as something of a novelty. There were numerous parts of the net that were far more serious and more functional. Telnet, FTP, USENET and Email were the practical protocols that were used more for business.

The world wide web began to gain popularity when the first version of Internet Explorer and subsequently Netscape Navigator from Mozilla. HTML was the new language for the web which was very powerful in navigating from one address to the next but it had huge limitations. There was no flow of control that was found in “real programming languages” and there was no way to make a website look pretty unless one crammed it full of photos and used a level of creativity that the average person did not possess. Most of what one viewed on the web were in fact ugly websites.

Things changed rapidly and the invention of real programming languages such as PHP(known as personal home page) and JavaScript (Not at all like the Java programming language) surfaced to add functionality to websites. Corporations were able to integrate databases behind their website; therefore, collection of personal information was possible. Still interface and the flair that we seen in today’s sites did not surface until the invention of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets.) This was a revolution and without cramming the site with graphics one was easily able to make the site look and feel precisely what the company wanted to convey through their brand.


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