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Top 10 Ways Facebook Can Effect Your Life Negatively

As a webmaster, unfortunately, being on social networking sites is an absolute must. I have to be on Facebook and read and post ridiculous content and hope my “friends”, leave behind their self-centered motivations for a moment, and actually pay attention to my request of focus on my self-centered aspirations.  It is a pretty puerile platform and connecting with an old friend means they can tell you what their baby had for breakfast all while ignoring or caring for what you have done for the past thirty years. Here are some signs that you may want to cool it just a bit when it comes to Facebook

Possible unwanted Facebook side-effects

  1. You have become a recluse in real life and are very social on Facebook and would have it no other way.
  2. You spend more time on Facebook then actually doing something productive.
  3. Facebook is the first  thing you look at in the morning, in the afternoon and again before bed just so you can keep track of the lives of others.
  4. You spend more than 20 minutes a day on Facebook.
  5. You exclaim to someone important in your life, more often not rudely, that you can’t do something or give them attention because you are on Facebook.
  6. You just had to get on Facebook to announce to your “friends” some happy or important events in your life. Perhaps an engagement or a job promotion, before you told those closest to you in real life.
  7. You shunned someone in real life that you liked only to connect with them on Facebook.
  8. Someone close to you finally exclaimed that they wished you would spend more time with them instead of pl aying with Facebook.
  9. You revealed something deeply personal to your “friends” on Facebook and seriously regretted it later.
  10. You are in the midst of real friends and family using Facebook instead of talking to each other.

I am sure you can think of many more ills that can be done on Facebook, but this list really gets one thinking.  You may also call me a hypocrite because I never claimed that I don’t use Facebook. I do waste a lot of time on social media but the time I spend on my website is pale in comparison.  Most of the list I do violate but in a web designing and developing way.


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