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The kindest creature I have ever met
May you rest in peace my buddy. The best soul I have ever known

Thomas Duda is a graphic designer, web developer, teacher, actor and writer origionally from Cliffside Park, New Jersey . From 2008 – 2013 He lived in Ankara ,Izmir and Istanbul Turkey, with his wife Dr. Nesli Duda, alternating between web design and development. First at Cankaya University where he designed numerous websites for the college and its affiliates as well as teaching computer courses. He relocated to Izmir due to his wife’s career but continued to create websites for the university’s cluster group – the first of its kind in Turkey.

There is nothing Orthodox about Tom’s approach to anything. It is all about being different and, although he is quite well spoken, hates anything euphemistic or corporate. He is a strong believer in animal rights and he and his wife currently have two King Charles Cavilers and a Bassist hound.

In his blog, one never knows what they will find. The most popular category is scamming the scammers where he completely humiliates Nigerian fraudsters and others that prey on less savoy computer users.

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