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I have been designing websites since the early 90’s, when I had a web design company, and I have seen many changes in technology and trends. What sets me apart from most web developers is my versatility.

My Approach to Web Design

With the invention of tablets and the ability to view websites on mobile devices, responsive web design is no longer an option. It is a necessity. Anything I design now is done with a Mobile First approach. Your website will be fully optimized for a mobile phone, a tablet, a desktop, laptop computer and even a giant screen TV. Always check for responsive web design capabilities from a developer, should it be me or a competitor. One will be surprised athow many developers are still in the stone age of development and only design websites for computer monitors.

Website Design Tools I Work With

Website Design with HTML5

HTML (Hypertext Transfer Markup Language) pretty much says it in the acronym. It is made for linking and navigating the web. The language itself is not made to make a website look pretty. It is mainly used as a structure in website design and Provides what is called “The Document Object Model.” It is the skeleton and it allows CSS and JavaScript speak to the document. Version 5 is a major improvement over the older versions and is also much friendlier to the search engines. It is also a more human readable language.

CSS version 3

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is, you guessed it, a style sheet language. It is used to work with HTML’s DOM and, all you need to know, is what gives websites their look. CSS3 is the latest version and is still in the development process. Web Browsers are the real key to think about when writing CSS, as not all browsers display information equally. Many cool features have been added such as, drop shadows, rounding corners of boxes, animation and transition techniques. What had to be done with intensive graphic programs such as Photoshop and flash can be done with CSS3. It is much lighter weight and a completely separate file. Therefore, one change in a CSS document will make the desired change across the entire website.


SCSS (formally known as SASS) is an acronym for “Systematically Awesome Style Sheets.” It is more like a programming language and CSS can be generated using what is called a compiler. It is a much more powerful way of creating style sheets. The results are much more compact and run a lot faster on very large websites.


Everybody knows about Java and JavaScript. What most people don’t realize is that they are two completely different language. Its real name is ECMAScript and it is made to run in browsers. That is important. It is a client side scripting language which allows really cool things to happen while interacting with the website. Input forms changing colors, drop downs, dragging items around the screen is thanks to JavaScript.


JQuery is a library of JavaScript and I could have coupled it with JavaScript. However, it is much easier to use but extremely powerful.

PHP Programming

PHP or (Originally Personal Home Page was went on to be defined as PHP Hypertext Processor) It is a recursive meaning and it is simply programmer humor (programmers think they are smarter then everyone and they somehow try to prove it by silly things like that)Anyway, we can think of PHP as an opposite as JavaScript as instead of your web browser translating it, the server takes care of that. The advantages are, security, the ability to work with databases and its overall speed.

WordPress Services

Anyone can use WordPress out of the box but using a default theme(web design templates), a free WordPress theme online, or, sometimes, a commercial theme can look very amateurish or unprofessional. When one gets under the hood and really starts working on the themes or creating WordPress themes, widgets and plugins themselves. Of course, knowing HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP are essential. When one can control the workings of WordPress underneath the hood, it is very hard to go back to creating a website from scratch.


Note: Be very careful when choosing a company to do SEO. A huge number of SEO scammers (quite often from India)have surfaced promising very unrealistic results. 

I always get confused for a couple of seconds when someone says SEO. Are they talking about a leader of a company or Search Engine Optimization?. That was funny! Ok, No it wasn’t. I almost became one of those pompous programmers for a second. SEO is very important. In the mid 90’s when the internet really started taking off and the number of websites doubled about once a month, organizing all that data was pretty much a mystery. One had to register with search engines (there were oodles of them) and just stuff as many keywords in the page as possible. Now, that sounds easy. Unfortunately, it is not the mid ninetys and, as it may come as a shock, there are really only two search engines. Google and Bing. Yahoo does not index sites themselves. They use Bing’s results. Google and Bing use very complex algorithms and a great deal of what they are looking for in a top site remains a company secrets. It is indeed a lot of work getting your site to come up in a search result but even more difficult to get it to rank highly. Luckily, I have some trucks up my sleeve, but working and educating the client is part of the job.

Why Use Tom Duda as a Web Designer/Developer

Because I am such a charming, handsome, likable guy, who happens to be the best Web Developer in the world. Ok, the first three are true. I haven’t met every web developer in the world. Although I tried to do it on Christmas eve one year. The police made me stop climbing down people’s chimneys, waking people up, and asking to see their design work. Ok seriously:

  • I am extremely strong in graphic design and I still design: Posters, Logos, Banners, Flash Animations etc. Adobe Photoshop of all versions is completely second nature for me
  • I am well versed. I don’t need a team. I can do the whole project myself.
  • I am experienced. I have been doing web design since 1995
  • I am freelance. I don’t have an expensive office, so less overhead means I charge you less then a design house
  • I know the internet and its trends. I have a feel for what will work and what won’t
  • I listen to my clients
  • Like any web design company, I can handle all your needs. I just choose not to call myself a company. Others will work out of their basement and call themselves web design companies when, in fact, they are freelancers just as I am

Still keep in mind that choosing a developer/designer is a personal thing and, although I would appreciate the business, I do not do any kind of porno websites, spam websites or anything to do with animal abuse