It don't mean a thing when the fat lady sings

What are some of the funniest got fired stories?

 A Doorman in the Early 80’s

I once got fired for being less then truthful to my employer. The job was as a doorman for a large co-op high-rise in FT. Lee, NJ. A situation arose where I was asked if I called security due to a child’s bicycle being stolen. To my chagrin I didn’t care much about the bicycle and blew the kid off and continued to read the paper. The building manager received a call from the police (apparently the child was well informed by his parents on what to do when a crime occurs)

Enter the Building Manager – Gail

Here name was Gail. She was the building manager. She received a call from the police and subsequently came to me and wanted to know if I called security. I said “of course I did” and went back to reading my paper. She pressed and asked how I notified them. I said “by Walkie-talkie“. Well it just so happined a janitor arrived at just the right moment with my walkie talkie in hand. I forgot that I loaned it to him. Gail may have been large but she wasn’t stupid. She enquirered as to how I could make a call on a device I didn’t even have. I suddenly forgot about the importance of my news paper and became Ralph Kramden saying “Ah ha ma dam ad dam ah da”

I was then invited into her office. She fired me on the spot as recovered from my Honeymooner demeanor I simply quipped.  “Well it isn’t over till the fat lady sings. So how about a number”

Then before she could speak “ Seriously, no hard feelings. I bet you hear that from all the guys’

Thankfully it was in June. I proceed to have one of the best summers I ever had. I went to beaches, carnivals, pools, baseball games. Only problem was I didn’t get to hear Gail sing. Over thirty years later and I’m still waiting.

Now that I look back on the job I realize that I had it pretty good. I pretty much didn’t have to do any physical work and I just had to watch the monitors, verify visitors and residents, help residents with groceries. All the while making a substantial amount of money in tips. It was actually one of the better jobs I had considering the work to pay ratio.

Being a web developer is great but freelancing leaves a lot to be desired. I sometimes have to work other jobs just to stay afloat. Like my recent gig at Walmart. Yes, I have written about that too.



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