What do atheists/agnostics wish Christians would stop doing?

If I may contribute I would have to say that Hippocratic tendencies or the religious institutions would be something to remedy (although I find it highly unlikely).

I dabbled with many religions (especially Christianity) for the better part of my younger years. The first thing I had a problem with was the people within the church not necessarily the gospels. Only after I looked on from a person to person dimension I began to not like the judgmental and narrow-mindedness of the majority of the individuals that were going about preaching about morality.

Only thereafter I started to question religion and realize that it was pretty silly and I evolved into an atheist(I didn’t become one overnight)

If you want to be a Christian. That is completely cool. We can be just as good friends and leave our beliefs aside. I would just have to say that be a Christian in action and not in words. You(not pointing the finger at you personally as I know nothing about you) are not supposed to be judgmental. The least judgmental people I have met, unfortunately, are the “non-believers”. If you really look objectively you will most defiantly agree.

Another thing is proselytizing looks to us (atheists) as completely obnoxious and ridiculous. Not to boast but I probably know the bible better then most Christians (I would accept anyone’s challenge on this). I am sure many of my fellow atheists would measure somewhere close to me in this regard.

Popping up and saying things like “Jesus loves you”, “He died for your sins”, “you can go to heaven if you repent”, “you will go to hell if you don’t accept Jesus”…. ad nauseum. Basically, what you are saying is not so profound and everybody has heard it before (unless they lived in a cave but in that case they wouldn’t have language and wouldn’t understand you anyway).

You are not going to change our beliefs so don’t even try. Just be cool and we (as other people, not preachers of something that we don’t believe) We are not trying to burst anyone’s bubble. If you want to be a Christian and it does good things for you, then go for it. Just don’t be what we see as a “Christian”



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