Question from Quora: What do you think about this logo?

Question from Quora: What do you think about this logo?


I have no idea what the logo is expressing. Is it for bricklayers that are human? Are you a tall human that likes to stand by colorful walls and the subscript represents people that are shorter than you?

I don’t do logos anymore. Not because I don’t like doing them. It is a lot of work. A lot of revisions. A lot of putting them aside for a week or two and looking at them with a pair of fresh eyes and realizing that it does not look as good as I thought it did previously.

You have to put lot of time in for a representation of your company that conveys a solid brand and image.

Of course, here are rules to follow. Is it something that will grab one’s attention the moment it is seen? Does it convey a positive image of what you are trying to sell? Is it memorable? It won’t get into the philosophy of logo design. These rules are all over the internet.

A logo is like a song. All songs follow the same rules as far as chord progressions, scales, modes and keys. What makes one song catchy or not? There is no formula. What it really takes is being in a quiet place. Doing and redoing, sometimes completely different designs, and waiting, like a give from superior being, for something to come through.

Therefore, unless you are a tall, human, bricklaying enthusiast that loves to stand next to short people, I would say transmogrify into a tall person sitting at the computer waiting for inspiration to strike.

Let’s forget about the little people for now 🙂

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