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What step should I follow to become a web designer?

A lot of people use designer/developer interchangeably but I would assume that you are concerned layout and user interface design.

Don’t overwhelm yourself in the beginning and start with the essentials.

1.) learn a graphic editing program (Photoshop is a good place to start) It is very expensive but avoid getting the latest and greatest at first. You can get an older version such as one of the earlier CS or even Photoshop 7.0. A lot of designers laugh at me when I say I work a lot in early versions but they are fast and if you are not running a design studio, most of the functions work just fine when macing up a webpage layout.

2.) Learn HTML 5. Don’t just learn what basic tags are but get into the attributes (such as classes and id’s) and pay special attention to creating forms. You will do a lot of UI work in the future and getting forms right is important. HTML is a skeleton of a webpage and it is where you will add your skin.

3.) Learn your CSS3. Here is the skin of a webpage and this is essential to placing elements and graphics. With CSS also learn what is called FlexBox. Believe me, it will save you a lot of work when you have to deal with responsive design.

4.)JavaScript is the quint essential programming language for the web. this is where you will develop functionality.

5.) Learn some javaScript libraries. They are just pre written code that will make your life easier. Start with jQuery for now and you can look at others like React and Angular at a later time.

6.) Learn a CMS(contact management system) I like WordPress but others will argue. It is a matter of choice.

7.) Learn a frame work like Bootstrap. It is the most popular and popular means tuns of support.

This is the path I took and it worked well for me, but I really liked the other answers.

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